My southern beauty

A tuliptree in fall (Photo by Bernt Solymar)

Fall Tulip Tree (Photo by Bernt Solymar)

As I sat on the hillside staring out at hundreds of lilacs, I couldn’t help but notice the giant trees shading out large patches of land. I’d never seen such a large tree in southern Ontario before, and I was fascinated. I had to know...

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Conservation Volunteers for the bees

Honey bee (Photo from Bees Matter)

Honey bees are incredible; there’s no denying it. They help pollinate flowers, which in turn enables the production of our food. They’re also responsible for making honey, a delicious and great sugar source. However, honey bees are not...

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An ode to nature-loving grandparents

Playing cards with grandma by the campfire. (Photo courtesy Falkenburger family)

Dirty hands, scraped knees, messy hair, dressing up in old dresses, daily snacks, park visits, tree climbing and endless hugs. Looking back at my childhood, this is often what my days at my grandparents’ house in Toronto looked like. I was...

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