Taking the creep out of creeping Jenny

Conservation Volunteers at Westmeath Freshwater Cave tackling creeping Jenny (Photo by Cheryl Spotswood)

On July 26, 2018, 14 Conservation Volunteers (CV) journeyed to the Nature Conservancy of Canada’s Westmeath Freshwater Caves property, which is part of the longest underwater cave system in Canada, to remove creeping Jenny. The Westmeath...

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Emblems of Canada: tree edition

Red maple (Photo by Jean Isaacs)

Trees have played a significant cultural role in the lives of many Canadians; they are engrained in our national identity. Take the Canadian flag for instance. It features a single, prominent red maple leaf in the centre, which speaks to the...

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Nature Destinations: Alfred-Kelly Nature Reserve

Alfred-Kelly Nature Reserve (Photo by NCC)

The Alfred-Kelly nature reserve is an oasis within an area where residential development is rapidly increasing. The nature reserve is named for an ornithologist who, in 1983, donated his property in Piedmont to Bird Protection Quebec (Protection...

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It feels like I’m sending my kid to school ― grazing school

Dundurn property, SK (Photo by NCC)

So, back in July I was crashing through the bush trying to get back from the west boundary fence of the Dundurn property when I was hit with an analogy, along with a bunch of branches. I had an epiphany of how the Nature Conservancy of Canada...

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Reduce your plastic footprint

Gull with balloon ribbon wrapped around its feet (Photo by Jason Read)

On World Environment day this past June 5, the United Nations (UN) called for the end of single-use plastic. Using the #beatplasticpollution hashtag, there were all kinds of conversations on Twitter about how to minimize your plastic use. Plastic...

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Getting rid of the garlic

Invasive garlic mustard can take over forests, harming native understory species (Photo by NCC)

Invasive garlic mustard can take over forests, harming native understory species. (Photo by NCC)

Garlic mustard might sound tasty, and it is, but it’s also an alien invader that the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) is battling on Pelee Island in southwestern Ontario. Pelee Island is home to the elusive gray fox. NCC is working here...

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Sky-high conservation and other unique internship experiences this summer

Logan Salm and Breanna Silversides taking a pre-flight selfie (Photo by NCC)

The Nature Conservancy of Canada’s (NCC’s) summer internship provides an incredible opportunity to experience and learn hands-on about Saskatchewan’s unique and beautiful landscape. This summer, as a geographical information...

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Rediscovering food from our own backyards

Me holding a beaked hazelnut (Photo by NCC)

Another week has gone by, and the time has come where I look at my empty cupboards and realize that I cannot put off grocery shopping any longer. Grudgingly, I pack up my reusable bags and head across the street to the grocery store. I browse...

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Tails from the Field: Mapping the way to conservation

Using a GPS to find sign coordinates at Fishing Lake, ON (Photo by Nick Tardif)

Using a GPS to find sign coordinates at Fishing Lake, ON (Photo by Nick Tardif)

If you've ever been frustrated when your car’s GPS directed you the wrong way, you know the plight of the conservation biologist. Staff at the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) rely heavily on GPS systems, maps and co-ordinates. And we're...

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What the heck is a neotenic salamander?

Lemon-yellow prehistoric-looking creature that I later found out to be a western tiger salamander (Photo by Sherry Nigro)

My dad told me about it during a phone call. A neighbour had discovered some weird, not-seen-here-before creatures in his dugout. Bright yellow ones, dark ones, some with frills around their necks like miniature dinosaurs; these creatures were...

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