Why I'm getting rid of my hostas

Hostas at my cottage (Photo by Dan Kraus/NCC staff)

I love going to the cottage. We have a little cabin nestled between a hill and a lake near Algonquin Park, in the heart of Ontario’s cottage country. There are so many things I love about this place. Water, moose and amazing autumn colours....

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Shopping local: A berry beneficial choice

Farmers' market (Photo by Erik Scheel, Pexels)

‘Tis the season You wake up on a lazy Saturday morning. The sun is shining, the grass is green and fresh produce is in season. It's time to make your way over to your nearest farmers' market to stock up on locally made and grown...

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Something old, something new

Tending a community garden (Photo by Bob Nichols/US Department of Agriculture, Wikimedia commons)

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been enchanted with the magic of gardening. The way I see it, gardening has the power to give life and mark new beginnings, turning something old into something new. Better yet, there’s nothing like...

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Put nature on the menu this summer

Atlantic salmon with creamy pesto zoodles (Photo by NCC)

In my opinion, nature is the single greatest provider that we, as humans, have. Nature gives us the opportunity to explore beautiful and unique landscapes, and there’s so much inspiration to be found in the forest or on the water. Since...

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Drawing attention: Putting a love for nature on paper

My nature journal entry on the plant life at Yamnuska Mountain, AB (Photo by Emma Dunlop/NCC)

Nature journaling; two words that I recently have noticed cropping up together, in everything from youth education curriculums to mindfulness and meditation workshops. My first encounter with nature journaling was during my reluctant participation...

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Heard it from a Scout: Five summer camping safety tips

Scouts with their camping gear (Photo by Scouts Canada)

Summer is officially underway, and with it comes prime camping season. Scouting is all about connecting with nature and experiencing the exhilaration and challenge of outdoor adventures, such as hiking, rock climbing, paddle sports and, of course,...

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NCC staff’s small acts of conservation

Wild bergamot being visited by a bee fly (Photo by Diana Bizecki Robson)

When it comes to nature conservation, a little can go a long way. Small-scale conservation efforts can have a huge impact and help ensure that we and future generations can enjoy our precious natural spaces. This spring, the Nature Conservancy of...

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A thank you to a “fun” dad

My dad and me when I was 14 (Photo courtesy of Logan Salm/NCC intern)

There is something romantic about the solitude of nature. The sense of seclusion and the interconnectedness with the world around you is indescribable. I enjoy the proverbial “call of the wild” to be alone in nature as much as anyone,...

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Nature-inspired gifts for Father's Day

Father and child by the lake (Photo by Laubenstein Karen, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service/Wikimedia Commons)

Father’s Day is just around the corner. If you're still on the hunt for something special to show your appreciation, why not give these nature-inspired gifts some thought? 1. For the gardener Help your dad introduce some plants with...

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My plastic-free week

Reusable shopping bags (Photo by Raechel Bonomo/NCC staff)

When I made a pledge to myself to go a week without consuming any single-use plastic, I thought it was going to be a breeze. I was under the impression that if I simply declined the five-cent bag at the grocery store I would be in the clear. I...

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