Year-end reflections that everyone can get into this season

End of year is a good time for a self-reflection. (Photo by NCC)

As the clock ticks towards the end of 2017, many people can’t help but reminisce about what a year it was. And some may ponder what they’ve missed out on or wished they made more time for in these past 12 months. Whether the year has...

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Birdwatching apps play a role in conservation

Downy woodpecker (Photo by Lorne)

Downy woodpecker (Photo by Lorne)

Wondering what that bird is? Several apps make it easy to answer this question. By entering some data, uploading a photo of the bird or matching its birdsong you can confidently identify birds. Three particular apps — eBird, Merlin and...

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Sustainability makes for great-fitting jeans

Atelier denim jacket made from repurposing the finest vintage materials. (Photo by Triarchy)

With the constant ins and outs of fashion, it’s no wonder that more and more of our discarded clothing is ending up in landfills. According to CBC News, about 85 per cent of clothing we throw out ends up in landfills, rather than...

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Can you hear me now? Using remote technology to record birds and other wildlife

Black bear captured by camera trap (Photo by NCC)

In various Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) properties across Alberta, the secret lives of wildlife are being discovered using camera traps, sound recording units and other technology. Scientists are generating new and valuable data on wildlife...

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Good things happen when you take your class outside

Jenna Siu leading the group at Nature Days, Happy Valley Forest (Photo by HSBC Bank Canada)

In many urban areas, children and families lack access to nature and the freedom to explore local plants and animals. Anxiety levels, attention-deficit disorder (ADHD) and antisocial behaviour in children is on the rise, and, it's said, that the...

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How to take "likeable" photos that inspire conservation

West aspect of the Howser Towers. Bugaboo Group in the Purcell Mountain Range, BC (Photo by Neil Ever Osborne)

Neil Ever Osborne is a conservation photographer and filmmaker specializing in visual storytelling. He’s a photographer-in-residence for Canadian Geographic, a Nikon Ambassador and a Fellow of the International League of Conservation...

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Halloween monsters rooted in nature

Vampire finch (Photo from Wikimedia Commons)

The leaves have changed, the air has cooled and the pumpkins have been carved. You know what that means — it’s Halloween! This spooky custom has always been my favourite. Growing up, I always took the opportunity to dress up as the...

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The ABCs of Conservation Volunteers

A young CV capping the posts with post caps provided by Mosaic potash. (Photo by NCC)

Over the years, the Nature Conservancy of Canada’s (NCC’s) Conservation Volunteers (CV) have helped protect habitat for many species, all while creating a budding community among nature lovers across Canada. Since 2006, NCC’s CV...

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Say yes to nature at your wedding

For our photos, we went with a natural setting — the restored wetlands at Evergreen Brickworks. (Photo by Wynn Photo)

For my husband and me, nature is a big part of our lives. One of our first dates was a walk in a local conservation area. We have travelled all over North America and beyond, visiting some of the most spectacular natural wonders on Earth: the...

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Virtual reality conservation at Oak Lake Wetlands

View of Oak Lake Wetland, MB from the drone. (Photo by M3 Aerial Productions)

The team at M3 Aerial Productions and I recently had the privilege of doing some drone work for the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC). The job involved using a drone, equipped with a 360-degree video camera, to document NCC’s Oak Lake...

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