Nature Destinations: Alfred-Kelly Nature Reserve

Alfred-Kelly Nature Reserve (Photo by NCC)

The Alfred-Kelly nature reserve is an oasis within an area where residential development is rapidly increasing. The nature reserve is named for an ornithologist who, in 1983, donated his property in Piedmont to Bird Protection Quebec (Protection...

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Reduce your plastic footprint

Gull with balloon ribbon wrapped around its feet (Photo by Jason Read)

On World Environment day this past June 5, the United Nations (UN) called for the end of single-use plastic. Using the #beatplasticpollution hashtag, there were all kinds of conversations on Twitter about how to minimize your plastic use. Plastic...

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Sky-high conservation and other unique internship experiences this summer

Logan Salm and Breanna Silversides taking a pre-flight selfie (Photo by NCC)

The Nature Conservancy of Canada’s (NCC’s) summer internship provides an incredible opportunity to experience and learn hands-on about Saskatchewan’s unique and beautiful landscape. This summer, as a geographical information...

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Rediscovering food from our own backyards

Me holding a beaked hazelnut (Photo by NCC)

Another week has gone by, and the time has come where I look at my empty cupboards and realize that I cannot put off grocery shopping any longer. Grudgingly, I pack up my reusable bags and head across the street to the grocery store. I browse...

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Where are they now? Conservation Intern alumni spotlight

Eve Desmarais at her office at Environment and Climate Change Canada (Photo courtesy of Eve Desmarais)

This blog is the second in a series of stories highlighting some of the individuals who have interned with the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC). Follow along as I interview NCC Conservation Intern alumni from across the country, and learn more...

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Burning for change

Prescribed burn at NCC's Old Man on His Back Prairie and Heritage Conservation Area, SK (Photo by NCC)

The Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) is committed to conserving nature in all its diversity, to create a legacy for future generations. NCC uses the latest conservation science to safeguard Canada’s lands and waters. As a part of this...

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Career advice from five Conservation Intern alumni

Conservation Interns at Waterton Park Front, AB (Photo by NCC)

As I near the day when I will finally receive my long-sought-after degree, I constantly wonder, “How can I set myself apart from other young professionals coming up in the environmental sector?” Follow along as I speak with Nature...

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Understanding how roads affect wildlife in the Chignecto Isthmus

Documenting roadkill helps me investigate the interactions between wildlife and roads in the Chignecto Isthmus (Photo by NCC)

Whenever I talk to people about my summer field work, I am often initially met with expressions of disgust or sadness. The knee-jerk reactions are not surprising. I work very closely with everyone’s least favourite summer road trip sight:...

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Emerald city

Hine's emerald dragonfly at Minesing Wetlands, ON (Photo by Chris Evans)

Hine's emerald dragonfly at Minesing Wetlands, ON (Photo by Chris Evans)

Whether you are hiding from the summer heat in an air-conditioned building or warming up by the fire on a blustery winter evening, you will surely agree that Canada’s climate is quite variable. From hot, dry summers to cold, snowy winters,...

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Other duties, as assigned: The real scoop on being a conservation biology coordinator

Working in the forest (Photo by NCC)

I finally did it! Back in 2016, on the last day of my conservation technician internship with the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC), I promised myself I would do everything possible to return to the organization, and here I am. I am the new...

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