How a hidden forest valley is a big opportunity for conservation

Photo assignment for NCC is a journey into a pristine habitat that will make a difference in southwestern Ontario. (Photo by Gregg McLachlan)

Towering hemlocks reaching for the sky. A deep and rugged valley covered with ferns. A coldwater stream flowing over and under moss-covered fallen pine trunks. Just the thought of these scenes makes my mind wander yet again to northern...

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Can you hear me now? Using remote technology to record birds and other wildlife

Black bear captured by camera trap (Photo by NCC)

In various Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) properties across Alberta, the secret lives of wildlife are being discovered using camera traps, sound recording units and other technology. Scientists are generating new and valuable data on wildlife...

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Sharing a quiet forest with a Canada lynx

Canada lynx (Photo by Mike Dembeck)

Sitting for hours inside a cramped, cold blind waiting for wildlife doesn't sound exciting — but it is. Being able to observe animals in their natural surroundings isn't just a thrill, it's a passion, and one that doesn't come easy and is...

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How to take "likeable" photos that inspire conservation

West aspect of the Howser Towers. Bugaboo Group in the Purcell Mountain Range, BC (Photo by Neil Ever Osborne)

Neil Ever Osborne is a conservation photographer and filmmaker specializing in visual storytelling. He’s a photographer-in-residence for Canadian Geographic, a Nikon Ambassador and a Fellow of the International League of Conservation...

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Capturing a conservation gem in action

Bald eagle (Photo by NCC)

One of the greatest Canadian conservation success stories is that of the bald eagle. It’s hard to believe that such an iconic species was almost wiped out, yet today in Atlantic Canada, bald eagles are so numerous that we export them to the...

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Say yes to nature at your wedding

For our photos, we went with a natural setting — the restored wetlands at Evergreen Brickworks. (Photo by Wynn Photo)

For my husband and me, nature is a big part of our lives. One of our first dates was a walk in a local conservation area. We have travelled all over North America and beyond, visiting some of the most spectacular natural wonders on Earth: the...

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My breathtaking adventure at Big Trout Bay

Looking down over Big Trout Bay, Lake Superior, ON (Photo by NCC)

Looking down over Big Trout Bay, Lake Superior, ON (Photo by NCC)

As part of the communications team for the Nature Conservancy of Canada’s (NCC’s) Ontario Region, I get to see a lot of great photos of our properties. One, a beautiful photo of Big Trout Bay taken by John Anderson, had me dreaming of...

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Mark your calendars: June 5 is World Environment Day!

Volunteers at James Island (Photo by NCC)

Are you ready to celebrate? I hope so, because this year Canada is hosting World Environment Day on June 5, 2017, with UN Environment, and it is going to be fun!World Environment Day is an opportunity for all of us to encourage worldwide awareness...

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Capturing the beauty in urban nature

Salmon fry swimming among old tree routes. (Photo by Fernando Lessa)

I first found out about the rich Burnaby Watershed in British Columbia while taking a city bus. Being new to Vancouver, I had no idea how close nature was to the city. Due to amazing conservation work from passionate people and volunteers, nature...

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The hummingbird's igloo

Sweetiebird, an Anna's hummingbird, in her igloo. (Photo by Eric Pittman)

I always thought of hummingbirds as warm-weather birds. So I was surprised to see an Anna's hummingbird building a nest in early February. I was even more surprised because it was its sixth nest in a year, built in our yard. I live in Victoria,...

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