Connecting to nature and my ancestry from the stern of a canoe

Me at the mouth of the Voyageurs and Old Voyageurs channels (Photo by Christine Beevis Trickett/NCC staff)

This story is about my experiences on and personal connections to what is now known as the French River, in Ontario. Long before European settlers came, this area was occupied by Indigenous Peoples. The original caretakers of the land, this is the...

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Tails from the Field: On the trail for wonder

The Forks Prairie Garden is a great outdoor classroom. (Photo by Thomas Fricke)

There are many kinds of nature trails, for many kinds of nature lovers. Some people are happy to scramble over rocks, cut across shallow rivers or squeeze past thorny vegetation during their hike. Others prefer terrain that's a bit more level,...

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Top 10 invasive species to stop this summer

Man fishing in New Brunswick (Photo by NCC)

Man fishing in New Brunswick (Photo by NCC)

Our Canadian summers are short and fleeting. Warm and sunny days are best spent enjoying the outdoors and connecting with nature. While you are out exploring nature’s wonders, you can also help control the spread of invasive...

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Top 10 backpack essentials for any nature lover

Hiking gear (CC0 Public Domain)

Nature enthusiasts know there is nothing better than experiencing all of the sights, sounds and smells that nature has to offer. With an abundant variety of beautiful landscapes in Canada, it’s no wonder the great outdoors call to...

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Pointe Saint-Pierre: A site of natural splendour and heritage

Pointe Saint-Pierre, QC (Photo by NCC)

With four months off between two university semesters, I had a decision to make: Would I work, or would I travel? I looked for work away from the Quebec City centre, and the best of both worlds offered itself to me. I could actually work and...

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Fifty shades of green

Croatian coast (Photo by Gayle Roodman/NCC staff)

“Holy smokes, this is stunning!” I exclaimed for the umpteenth time. “This is not at all what I was expecting.” I’m not entirely sure what I was expecting when my husband and I embarked on our self-supported two-week...

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One million steps: A hike to honour the legacy of conservation (Part two)

Snow-covered trail sign at Hockley Valley, ON (Photo by Dan Kraus/NCC staff)

Hiking north, we crossed the height of land that defines the watershed between Lake Ontario and Lake Huron. This landscape includes Hockley Valley and Mono Cliffs, provincial parks I had only rarely visited in the past. Over a century ago, much of...

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One million steps: A hike to honour the legacy of conservation (Part one)

Rockway Conservation Area, a conservation area that NCC helped the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority protect in the 1970s. (Photo by Chris Knaggs)

I’ve been working at my dream job at the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) for 15 years. In addition to the deep satisfaction of lasting conservation impacts, NCC is also a great place to work. One of the opportunities NCC provides is that...

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Cruising for birds

Our 14-deck mammoth cruise ship ― Costa Pacifica (Photo by Rob Alvo)

If you want to see many species of birds, you will undoubtedly be faced with a choice: visit only one or two sites to maximize the chances of seeing what is present, or visiting many sites to maximize the number of species that don’t require...

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Your winter getaway is a lot closer than you may think

Ancient cottonwoods (Photo by Steve Ogle)

Who says you can only enjoy nature when the snow has melted? There’s nothing like breathing in the crisp, fresh air on a winter nature hike as you take in the sights and sounds of wildlife around you while braving the cold. I love hearing...

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