If you build it, they will come: Black bear dens on Vancouver Island

An example of the purpose-built den pods (Photo courtesy of Helen Davis)

For 26 years, I have been captivated by black bears and where they spend their winters. It all started with my masters of science research project in the Nimpkish Valley on Vancouver Island. I’ve been to lots and lots of dens ― usually in...

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Bird homes: Location is everything

Juvenile American robin (Photo by Sarah Ludlow/NCC staff)

On May 17, Conservation Volunteers helped install 14 nest boxes on the Nature Conservancy of Canada’s Edenwold property in Saskatchewan. These nest boxes were designed with certain species in mind ― tree swallows and mountain bluebirds....

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Long live loons and their research

I paddled hundreds of kilometres searching for loons and their nests. (Photo by Kent Prior)

In the 1970s, North Americans were already concerned about the effects of human activity on the common loon, a large charismatic diving bird that breeds on lakes. My bachelor’s thesis at Queen’s University examined this concern on...

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Welcoming our summer visitors

Canada warbler (Photo by Gerald Deboer)

Spring at the cottage is so exciting. I have many clear memories of those first steps out of the car each year after the lake ice has broken up…The scent of trees coming back to life, humidity from breezes blowing across the waves, the...

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June roundup: Conservation and nature stories that caught our eye this month

Burrowing owl (Photo by Brendan Matthews)

Burrowing owl (Photo by Brendan Matthews)

Every day, countless inspiring and informative stories are published about conservation successes or discoveries in nature and wildlife around the world. Here are some that caught our attention in June 2018: Great news, grizzlies On World...

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The great Canadian lizard hunt

Eastern short-horned lizard (Photo by Leta Pezderic/NCC staff)

One of the privileges that come with working for the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) is the opportunity to explore some of our country’s most endangered ecosystems and — if you’re lucky enough — encounter some of the...

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Saving wonder

One of my most treasured photos of my kids discovering a turtle when they were little (Photo by Dan Kraus/NCC staff)

“I caught a turtle!” The call rang out repeatedly over the lake near Algonquin Park, where my family has a cottage. It was early, my teenage boys were still in bed, when the turtle-catching alarm came. It was from across the lake, in a...

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Call of the Wetland

Volunteers search the wetland shoreline for amphibians. (Photo by Melanie Rathburn)

Have you ever heard frogs or toads calling in an urban environment? Or spotted a secretive salamander as it makes it way to an urban pond? If you live in Calgary, the Miistakis Institute is interested in your observations! With Miistakis’...

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One million steps: A hike to honour the legacy of conservation (Part two)

Snow-covered trail sign at Hockley Valley, ON (Photo by Dan Kraus/NCC staff)

Hiking north, we crossed the height of land that defines the watershed between Lake Ontario and Lake Huron. This landscape includes Hockley Valley and Mono Cliffs, provincial parks I had only rarely visited in the past. Over a century ago, much of...

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One million steps: A hike to honour the legacy of conservation (Part one)

Rockway Conservation Area, a conservation area that NCC helped the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority protect in the 1970s. (Photo by Chris Knaggs)

I’ve been working at my dream job at the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) for 15 years. In addition to the deep satisfaction of lasting conservation impacts, NCC is also a great place to work. One of the opportunities NCC provides is that...

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