Down by the river

Group shot from CV event on Legacy Island, AB (Photo by Amy McClelland)

Volunteering for the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) and Trout Unlimited tree planting and clean up on Legacy Island was a great learning experience for me. I feel like I contributed to helping keep our province beautiful for years to come. And...

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The void of indifference

American badger near its burrow (Photo by Gerald A. DeBoer/Shutterstock)

I often take forays out to wilderness areas for what I call it my sanity break. So it was one August afternoon, as I turned my vehicle down a gravel road, that I made an abrupt stop. There, about a quarter of a mile away, I spotted some creature...

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Something's Fishy: The freshwater slasher

Westslope cutthroat trout (Photo by Wikimedia Commons)

When you think about Halloween, spooky species such as spiders with venomous fangs and blood-sucking bats usually come to mind. Of course, Hollywood is often to blame for these misrepresentations of species, with accounts of bats turning into...

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Four surprising things I learned during my time at NCC

All smiles while posing in front of the picturesque prairies (Photo by NCC)

As my nine-week internship with the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) drew to a close at the end of August, my supervisor kindly sent out a lunch invite to all my colleagues inviting them to celebrate my last day. While this thoughtful gesture is...

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Granny cannot walk on water

Wetlands at Reiser property, AB (Photo by NCC)

Early this September, I participated in a Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) Conservation Volunteers (CV) event at the Reiser property, located approximately 115 kilometres southwest of Edmonton. I knew it would be a challenge, in part because of...

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Summer in photos

NCC volunteers and staff cap off the day with a silly jazz hands group photo. (Photo by NCC)

Having hosted 30 Conservation Volunteers (CV) events and worked with 489 volunteers so far this year, it’s been a whirlwind of a summer. And September has only just begun! The summer may have been a blur, but thankfully, we captured on...

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NCC staff share their Natural Happy Places (Part One)

NCC BC staff at Kumdis River Conservation Area (Photo by NCC)

At the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) we have staff members from across the country, each bringing a unique perspective to conservation nationally and in their home province. From forests to coastlines, like every Canadian, NCC staff have...

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Man Nature Poem: The Tragically Hip's connection to the Canadian outdoors

The Tragically Hip in Kelowna, BC, 2015 (Photo by Aven Hoffarth)

One of my earliest memories of music came from the speakers of my dad’s 1969 Beaumont convertible with the top down. I remember sitting in the back seat, my hair blowing through the wind, and my sister sitting shotgun beside my dad. Blaring...

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The great staycation

From left to right: Carys Richards, Kate Williams, Zoë Arnold, and Kailey Setter at “Trees for Bees 2” in June 2016. It’s so sweet to “bee” a part of this crew! (Photo by NCC)

Why migrate only to return home? Monarch butterflies find the same oyamel evergreens in Mexico each winter, and I unfailingly return to Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) as a Conservation Volunteer (CV). This summer is different however, because...

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The Migratory Bird Treaty turns 100!

Woman, wearing a large feathered hat and boa, posing for a portrait (Photo by John Oxley Library, Public Domain)

This year we mark the centennial of the convention between the United States and Great Britain (for Canada) for the protection of migratory birds — also called the Migratory Bird Treaty — that was signed on August 16, 1916. A century...

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