Out for a walk

Approaching the Bay Bulls lighthouse with the last of the daylight (Photo by Lanna Campbell/NCC)

An unnatural thirst for physical pain and the lure of making memories set the stage as we carefully planned out nine days’ worth of trail food. My tent-mate, Megan, would later ask me a few days in, “Did I want to do this hike, or did...

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A walk in the woods: The forest through the lens of a photographer

Forest along Long Tusket River, NS (Photo by Mike Dembeck)

For me the forest is always a welcoming place. As a child, I always knew what to expect when wandering off: always predictable, friendly and ever welcoming. A forest was a place to immerse myself in and experience nature. Photographing it was...

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Thanks Canada, Thanks Virgina - The warblers have returned to Florida!

Palm warbler (Photo by Marshall Faintich)

Palm warbler (Photo by Marshall Faintich)

As October draws to a close, so does the fall migration season. Billions of birds, including the colorful, neotropical warbler varieties, have journeyed thousands of miles from summer breeding grounds in the north to winter haunts in the south;...

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A walk in the woods: Acadian old-growth forest

Acadian forest, Chignecto Isthmus, NS (Photo by Mike Dembeck)

If you’re at all like me, coming across big, old trees while exploring the woods is always a thrill. Over the past four years, as conservation biologist with the Nature Conservancy of Canada’s (NCC’s) Atlantic Region, I’ve...

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NCC staff share their Natural Happy Places (Part One)

NCC BC staff at Kumdis River Conservation Area (Photo by NCC)

At the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) we have staff members from across the country, each bringing a unique perspective to conservation nationally and in their home province. From forests to coastlines, like every Canadian, NCC staff have...

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Something's Fishy: Here comes the sun(fish)

Warmouth up-close (Photo by Clinton & Charles Robertson/Wikimedia Commons)

“We rise when the fish do!” exclaimed my grandfather just as I was settling into the guestroom, known fondly as my room-away-from-home, at my grandparent’s house. “When’s that, grandpa?” I called back in...

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Atlantic Salmon: Lake Ontario’s ghost fish

Atlantic salmon jumping in Humber River (Photo by Tom Moffatt/ASF)

The Atlantic salmon is usually associated with Canada’s east coast, where declining populations of the species have inspired conservation efforts by the Nature Conservancy of Canada, as well as Fisheries and Oceans Canada. Historically,...

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The Migratory Bird Treaty turns 100!

Woman, wearing a large feathered hat and boa, posing for a portrait (Photo by John Oxley Library, Public Domain)

This year we mark the centennial of the convention between the United States and Great Britain (for Canada) for the protection of migratory birds — also called the Migratory Bird Treaty — that was signed on August 16, 1916. A century...

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A Maritimer celebrating 15 years at NCC – in Alberta

Waterton Springs interpretive trail (Photo by NCC)

This year I celebrated 15 years of working for the Atlantic Region of the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC). To mark the occasion, I visited a completely different NCC Region: Alberta. Ah, the mountains! Seeing the difference in landscape, land...

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Something's Fishy: Homeward bound

Lake sturgeon (Photo by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)

There’s really no place like home. Whether you’re returning from a vacation or simply coming home after work or school, there’s nothing like being greeted by the familiarity of your humble abode.This feeling is multiplied when...

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