Celebrating Canadian species: Grizzly bear

Grizzly bear (Photo by Peter Sulzle)

Grizzly bear (Photo by Peter Sulzle)

When I put my boots on in the morning, I never really expect or seek to see a grizzly bear. Despite the fact that my Rocky Mountains backyard is home to many brown bears, any encounter always feels like a surprise. Meeting a bear in the wild...

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Restoring the dunes of James Island, BC

Volunteers at the Broom Bash event on James Island, BC (Photo by Ann MacDonald)

“Covenant,” from the French word "covenir," means to come together. And this fall, 11 of us did just that as Conservation Volunteers with the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC). We spent a sunbaked autumn day yanking gorse and Scotch...

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Something's Fishy: The freshwater slasher

Westslope cutthroat trout (Photo by Wikimedia Commons)

When you think about Halloween, spooky species such as spiders with venomous fangs and blood-sucking bats usually come to mind. Of course, Hollywood is often to blame for these misrepresentations of species, with accounts of bats turning into...

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A walk in the woods: Land of giants among dinosaurs

Walking through a BC forest dripping with witch's hair lichen (Photo by NCC)

I have been fortunate enough to live in some of the most beautiful parts of British Columbia, from the Rockies to the west coast. My life began in the Kootenays in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains, among slopes blanketed in montane and Columbia...

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Communications from the coast: Three days of travel as a student videographer

Getting a close up of the old-growth forest at the Gullchucks Estuary conservation area (Photo by NCC)

From May to August of this year, I worked in Victoria as the Nature Conservancy of Canada's (NCC’s) communications intern in British Columbia. I’m a writing student at the University of Victoria, and film is one of my areas of...

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What makes burrowing owl volunteers hoot?

Burrowing Owls gaze at volunteers at Burrowing Owl Conservation Society Breeding Facility near Oliver, BC (Photo by Dianne Bersea)

It’s a cold, early March day when my friend and regular Burrowing Owl Conservation Society volunteer, Doreen Olson, asks me, “Why don’t you join me next time I’m feeding the burrowing owls?”The following Tuesday...

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A walk in the woods: Columbia forest region

Measuring trees on the Midgeley Conservation Area (Photo by Steve Ogle)

To walk through the forests of the Columbia forest region is, to me, a huge privilege. This is for two reasons: one, the Columbia forest region is home to home a number of Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) properties, including NCC’s...

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A walk in the woods: Enchantment in the subalpine

Enchantment Valley (Photo by NCC)

I grew up in southern Ontario, and have spent nearly all my life living in urban areas. Despite this, I found ample opportunity to spend time in the forest. Most years, I camped with friends or family at Algonquin in the Great Lakes-St Lawrence...

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A walk in the woods: Montane forest

Skaha Bluffs, BC (Photo by NCC)

I grew up in Williams Lake, British Columbia; it's a place known for ranching, logging, milling and mining. It’s also known for wide, open spaces, forests as far as the eye can see, sparkling lakes and wild rivers. My parents, who hailed...

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Man Nature Poem: The Tragically Hip's connection to the Canadian outdoors

The Tragically Hip in Kelowna, BC, 2015 (Photo by Aven Hoffarth)

One of my earliest memories of music came from the speakers of my dad’s 1969 Beaumont convertible with the top down. I remember sitting in the back seat, my hair blowing through the wind, and my sister sitting shotgun beside my dad. Blaring...

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