Giving back to the next generation

Monarch (Photo by Steven Russell Smith)

I have a lot to thank the monarch butterfly for. Well, not just the monarch butterfly; I should give my Grade 6 teacher some credit too. My teacher helped our class raise and release monarch butterflies as part of a school project. Raising a...

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Naturalists notice nature – even in winter

There may be a lot more happening than meets the eye in the dead of winter (Photo by Dispatches from the Field)

For some, it is easy during cold, snowy days (when it’s supposed to be spring!) to curl up with a cozy blanket, a good book, and a hot cup of tea. But where does the wildlife go at this time of year? Sure, some animals migrate to where it is...

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Bringing communities together: The Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup

Hauling foam, a buoy and other marine debris during a 2016 Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup. (Photo courtesy of Rachel Schoeler)

As an avid open water swimmer, I learned to respect our waterways while fighting through the smack and splash of ocean waves during long training swims. I fell in love with our waterways during calm, quiet morning swims out on the lake. And I...

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Allies in Indigenous-led conservation in Canada

An aerial view of the landscape surrounding the community of Chisasibi, illustrating the vast expanses of open spruce and lichen forests, wetlands and waterways of Eeyou Istchee. (Photo by NCC)

In November 2017, I had the pleasure of travelling to the Cree community of Chisasibi with my colleague Chantal Otter-Tetreault, a protected areas coordinator from the Cree Nation Government. Chisasibi is one of the northernmost communities in...

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Heard it from a Scout: The business of bees

Female squash bee on a male pumpkin flower (Photo by Margaret Chan)

Female squash bee covered in pollen on a male pumpkin flower (Photo by Margaret Chan)

Everything in our world is connected. So when you get a group of species dying at an extremely rapid rate, such as bees, it not only affects them, but humans and other species too. Pollinators provide a monumental impact on wild plants and crops,...

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The forgotten habitat

The living room before the minimalism challenge. (Photo by NCC Staff)

Staff at the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) are incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to diverse habitats across Canada. From land to air to water, inhabited by the tiniest insects to the largest mammals, there aren’t many habitats we...

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How we can save our songbirds

Cerulean warbler (Photo by Bill Hubick)

Cerulean warbler (Photo by Bill Hubick)

By now, I'm hoping that many of you have heard about declining songbird populations and the numerous threats that these birds face, which are, typically, physical threats to their survival. However, I’d like to discuss a different type of...

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Natural Continuities: Connecting to nature through photography

Looking out over a pond at the MacMillan Nature Preserve. (Photo by Sara Schiavello)

This month, our class from Mr. Senisi’s Grade 12 photography class at St. Jean de Brebeuf Catholic High School in Woodbridge, Ontario, hosted a photography exhibit called Natural Continuities: A Photography Exhibit in Honour of Lyn...

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Adventures of a conservation intern: My first time to Haida Gwaii

Haida Gwaii's North Beach (Photo by NCC)

As the plane descended and broke through the thick, grey clouds, I could slowly start to make out forest-green islands emerging from the dark ocean. I had finally arrived on Haida Gwaii. Me! Here! Until that moment, Haida Gwaii was somewhere I...

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Looking back at my time with NCC

Interns help out on the Cowichan Garry Oak Preserve (Photo by NCC)

I started working for the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) as a stewardship intern in 2008. After a great summer exploring NCC conservation areas across BC, I returned to the University of Victoria to continue my geography degree. The next...

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