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  • Red-headed woodpecker (Photo by David Fast)
    Can you guess the species at risk?

    An important impact of the Nature Conservancy of Canada’s (NCC’s) conservation work is that we protect and recover habitat for more than 50 Canadian species on the Red List or those that have been assessed as near threatened. Can you guess the species at risk that NCC is working to protect?
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  • Acorn on Grand-Barachois, NB (Photo by NCC)
    What if you were an oak tree?

    The life of almost every tree starts as a seed. Throughout its life, a tree will experience many changes and provide habitat and food for several species. Take the quiz below to learn how to live like an oak tree.
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  • Nodwell, AB (Photo by R. Berdan)
    Guess the Nature Destination!

    What better way to celebrate all that this country as to offer, than exploring its diverse landscapes? The Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) is launching a program called Nature Destinations, which encourages Canadians to explore conserved land across Canada. Take our quiz to discover the destinations below:
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  • Volunteering at a local community garden (Photo by Micheline Khan)
    5 questions about small acts of conservation

    Take our quiz about small acts of conservation we can all take to help nature, which will also benefit you and your community:
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  • It was mating season for these spectacular blister beetles. (Photo by Dr. Diana Bizecki Robson)
    5 questions about species reproduction & mating rituals

    With the warmer weather comes new life: species across Canada reproduce and give birth, helping to maintain their population levels, sustain food webs and preserve balance in delicate ecosystems. Take our quiz to see how species mating rituals come into play.
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  • Volunteers helping with wetland restoration (Photo by NCC)
    Do you know why wetlands matter?

    Wetlands are one of Canada’s most important ecosystems. Take our quiz and learn more about wetlands and how they impact nature.
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  • Blanding's turtle (Photo by Gabrielle Fortin)
    How to hibernate like a Canadian species

    When the weather cools down species of all shapes and sizes feel the effects of winter. Whether species are digging deep under ice or defying the cold on land, these species know how to brave winter – Canadian style.
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  • Glendale grizzlies, British Columbia (Photo by Klaus Gretzmacher)
    5 questions about how species adapt to Canadian winters

    With every change of season comes a variation in our diet, activities and outfit. Animals are no different. Learn about how animals react and adapt to the sting of cold in the quiz below.
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