Darkwoods, BC (Photo by Bruce Kirkby)
Darkwoods, BC (Photo by Bruce Kirkby)

Natural Areas Conservation Program

The largest commitment by any Canadian government

In 2007, the Government of Canada launched the Natural Areas Conservation Program with a vision of investing in direct, on-the-ground action to conserve important natural habitat in communities across southern Canada. The Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) was invited to lead this program with the participation of Ducks Unlimited Canada and land trusts across the country.

The Natural Areas Conservation Program was launched with an initial investment of $225 million over five years. Of that, $185 million was directly invested in NCC’s conservation efforts; $40 million was invested in other qualified organizations (OQO), including $25 million to Ducks Unlimited Canada. In March 2013, the Government of Canada announced its continued commitment to this program, with an additional $20 million in funding. This has been the largest investment by any Canadian government towards private land conservation.

The Government of Canada’s investment has been matched by Canadians, the private sector and other governments, resulting in more than $600 million in conservation activity through funding contributions and land donations.

Under this program, the Government of Canada has set an ambitious goal of conserving 545,000 acres (218,000 hectares) of ecologically significant land across southern Canada.

With these investments, nearly 983,000 acres (398,000 hectares) have been conserved as May 31, 2015, providing habitat for 195 species at risk — an area almost twice the size of the goal set under the Natural Areas Conservation Program.

The Government of Canada’s National Conservation Plan

On May 15, 2014, Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced Canada’s National Conservation Plan (NCP), with an emphasis on conservation, restoration and connecting Canadians to nature. As part of the NCP, the Government of Canada has committed to renewing the Natural Areas Conservation Program for another five years, with an additional $100-million investment.

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Funding for Other Qualified Organizations (OQOs)

Under Environment Canada's National Conservation Plan, up to $5 million of funding from the Natural Areas Conservation Plan is available to support conservation in communities across Canada. This funding is administered by NCC. NCC is pleased to announce the first round (2015-2016) of the OQO Program, designed to support eligible land trusts across Canada secure ecologically significant areas.

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