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  • Brown-headed cowbird (Photo by Stephen Davis)
    Brown-headed cowbird

    The brown-headed cowbird is a blackbird found in nearly all of Canada, near livestock, birdfeeders and forest edges.
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  • Burrowing owls (Photo by Don Dabbs)
    Burrowing owl

    The burrowing owl is easily recognized by its long legs, short tail and small size, and can often be found standing on fence posts or on the ground foraging for mice, grasshoppers and other insects.
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  • Canada lynx (Photo courtesy of Darlene Stack)
    Canada lynx

    The Canada lynx is one of three cats that inhabit Canada's boreal forest. This species is primarily found throughout Cape Breton Island and Newfoundland and in the forested areas of northern New Brunswick.
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  • Cerulean warbler (Photo by Bill Hubick)
    Cerulean warbler

    The cerulean warbler is an evasive bird, often heard but rarely seen because it lives in the tops of the tallest trees, flitting from branch to branch as it forages for food.
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  • Clark's nutcracker (Photo by Paul Turbitt)
    Clark's nutcracker

    Through the summer months, Clark's nutcrackers supplement their diet with insects and berries but, come early fall, they start to collect and store their favourite food: the seeds of limber and whitebark pine.
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  • Loon (Photo by Karol Dabbs)
    Common loon

    Did you know that the loon is the official bird of the province of Ontario? Considered a symbol of wilderness and solitude, the common loon is known for its haunting voice.
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  • Common tern (Photo by Bill Hubick)
    Common tern

    A tern is like a small gull, only much more elegant and streamlined. Terns swoop and dive into water to feed on small fish.
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  • Eastern cougar (Photo by Larry Moats, courtesy of USFWS)

    The cougar is one of the largest and most powerful predators in North America. A large male Cougar can measure up to eight feet in length and weigh over 200 pounds.
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