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  • Eastern prickly pear cactus (Photo by Pany Goff/Wikimedia Commons)
    Eastern prickly pear cactus

    The eastern prickly pear cactus is a perennial succulent cactus with jointed, curved yet flat green stems. Each of its segments is called a pad, and every one comes equipped with sharp spines and barbed bristles.
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  • Snapping turtle (Photo by Ontley)
    Eastern snapping turtle

    Eastern snapping turtles are the largest freshwater turtles in Canada.
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  • Eastern wolf (Photo by Manuel Henriques)
    Eastern wolf

    Found in the forests of the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence regions of Quebec and Ontario the eastern wolf is one of the most elusive at-risk carnivores.
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  • Eel-grass, Port Joli, Nova Scotia (Photo by NCC)

    In British Columbia's Campbell River Estuary, Cynthia Durance floats above an underwater meadow wearing scuba diving equipment. Diving to the muddy bottom among the waving ribbons of green, she plants shoots of grass in groups of 10.
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  • Fisher, Clear Creek, Riding Mountain Aspen Parkland Natural Area, Manitoba (Photo by NCC)

    The fisher is a solitary, wide-ranging mammal native to Ontario. A member of the weasel family, the fisher lives in coniferous habitats across much of Canada and the northern U.S.
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  • Flowering dogwood (Photo by Bernt Solymar)
    Flowering dogwood

    In Canada, flowering dogwood can only be found in southern Ontario in the Carolinian zone, a small area of Ontario southwest of Toronto that stretches down to the shores of Lake Erie and southwestern Lake Huron.
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  • Four-toed salamander (Photo by Brian Gratwicke)
    Four-toed salamander

    The four-toed salamander is native to eastern North America. It has no lungs; instead it breathes through its skin and the roof of its mouth.
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  • Garry oak, Cowichan Garry Oak Preserve, BC (Photo by Tim Ennis/NCC)
    Garry oak

    Many species of oak are known to exist worldwide. Approximately 500 species of Quercus oaks have been identified by taxonomists, of which 95 occur in North America.
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