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  • Haida Gwaii saw-whet owl, BC (Photo by Brendan Lally)
    Haida Gwaii saw-whet owl

    There are two subspecies of the northern saw-whet owl: the common northern saw-whet owl, found throughout North America, and the threatened Haida Gwaii saw-whet owl, found only on the Queen Charlotte Islands, off the northwest coast of British Columbia.
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  • Ivory gull (Photo by Will Sweet/Wikimedia Commons)
    Ivory gull

    The ivory gull can be identified by its striking pure-white colour and small size, with a body shape similar to a pigeon.
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  • Jack-in-the-pulpit (Photo by NCC)

    Jack-in-the-pulpit is named because it resembles a preacher standing in a pulpit.
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  • Karner blue male (Photo by www.anorchardaway.com)
    Karner blue

    With a wingspan of about 25 millimetres, this tiny iridescent blue (male) or greyish brown (female) butterfly is hard to spot among the blossoms it feeds on.
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  • Kemp's Ridley sea turtle (Photo by USFWS)
    Kemp's ridley sea turtle

    This is the smallest species of sea turtle found in Canadian waters.
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  • Lake sturgeon (Photo by Eric Engbretson, courtesy of USFWS)
    Lake sturgeon

    What native Ontario species has rough, plated skin and has survived for more than 200 million years? At first guess, you might be thinking of a type of dinosaur, but in that case, you’d be wrong. Lake sturgeon, nature’s own living fossil, is the answer.
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  • Lakeside daisy (Photo by Charles Peirce)
    Lakeside daisy

    This flower in the aster family is more precious than gold.
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  • Leatherback sea turtle (Photo by USFWS)
    Leatherback sea turtle

    This enormous sea turtle is the largest species of turtle in the world.
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