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  • Leatherback sea turtle (Photo by USFWS)
    Leatherback sea turtle

    This enormous sea turtle is the largest species of turtle in the world.
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  • Lewis's woodpecker (Photo by iStock)
    Lewis's woodpecker

    A masterful aerial forager, Lewis’s woodpecker finds food in sky-high fashion, not what you would expect from a typical woodpecker, which excavates wood-boring insects from trees. Instead, this species has adapted for fly-catching — perching on tree tops and watching eagle-eyed for the right moment to swoop in with laser-precision to catch its prey.
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  • Limber pine pollen cones (Photo by Famartin/Wikimedia Commons)
    Limber pine

    Limber pine is a species of white pine, typically found in the montane and subalpine natural subregions of the Rocky Mountains.
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  • Loggerhead sea turtle (Photo by Brian Gratwicke)
    Loggerhead sea turtle

    This is the second-largest species of turtle in the world.
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  • Massasauga rattlesnake (Photo by Tim Vickers)
    Massasauga rattlesnake

    This is Ontario’s only venomous snake. Despite its fearsome reputation, the massasauga rattlesnake is shy and docile, and avoids human contact whenever possible.
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  • McCown's longspur (Photo by Alan MacKeigan)
    McCown's longspur

    An uncommon sight but a truly rewarding one if you are lucky to catch a glimpse, the McCown’s longspur puts on an aerial courtship display that rivals the best of human acrobats. Like a parachuter keen to impress, displaying males fly up while singing a warbling song and “float” gently back to the ground with spread wings and fanned tail, still in song.
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  • Monarch perches on New England aster, Pelee Island, Ontario (Photo by NCC)

    In Canada, monarchs exist primarily wherever milkweed and wildflowers such as goldenrod and asters exist. These plants grow in open spaces like the vast Tall Grass Prairie in Manitoba and on Ontario's Rice Lake Plains.
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  • Moose in Cookville, NB (Photo by Mike Dembeck)

    The moose is the largest of all the deer species, standing about five to six and a half feet tall. Males (called bulls) are immediately distinguishable by their iconic antlers, which can spread almost two metres long.
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