Conservation Volunteers 2016: The stories behind the numbers

Every year, we measure the contributions our volunteers make for nature through our Conservation Volunteers (CV) program and share stories about our successes, challenges and experiences. In 2016, over 220 volunteer events, engaging close to 3,000 Canadians, contributed close to 11,000 hours of actions dedicated to nature.

Click on the images below to read more about the special projects Canadians are helping us with.

Behind every CV event is a story of people, special places and the species that depend upon them.

A sneak peek at what we’ve accomplished this year

Burrowing Owls gaze at volunteers at Burrowing Owl Conservation Society Breeding Facility near Oliver, BC (Photo by Dianne Bersea)

Installed 22 burrowing owl burrows at Napier Lake Ranch Conservation Area, BC.

Monarch Butterfly on Joe Pye (Photo by NCC)

Contributed to critical monarch surveys in Manitoba's tall grass prairies.

Smiling volunteer removing page wire, Alberta (Photo by NCC)

Removed or improved 10.3 km of fence line to make way for wildlife in Alberta.

CVs maintained trails in Fishing Lake, ON.

Piping plover (Photo by Ian Sadler)

Surveyed for piping plovers from coast to coast.

Conservation Volunteers John and Ray working on a boardwalk as a part of the "Saving the Sand Dunes" event in PEI (Photo by Sean Landsman)

Built a portable boardwalk to protect sand dunes in PEI.

CVs at Wise property, SK (Photo by NCC)

Planted 400 trees in the boreal transition ecoregion of Saskatchewan.

Conservation Volunteers planting trees in Grondines, QC (Photo by NCC)

Planted 500 native shrubs and trees in Quebec's Grondines.

CVs in Monteregie, QC (Photo by NCC)

Removed invasive European Buckthorn in Montérégie, QC.

CV planting a tree in Happy Valley Forest, ON (Photo by Mimi Chan)

Planted trees in Ontario's Happy Valley Forest.

Cleared debris to make room for grasslands to grow.

Conservation Volunteers clearing trail and hanging a sign (Photo by NCC)

Blazed trails across Canada.

Participated in Weedy Wednesdays at the Cowichan Garry Oak Preserve.

Talked about invasive species.

Birders at Baie Verte (Photo by NCC)

Conducted waterfowl surveys in Baie Verte, NB.

Fort Ellice, MB (Photo by NCC)

Removed more than 150 non-native trees and shrubs to improve grassland bird habitat in Fort Ellice, MB.

Conservation Volunteers at a fence removal project (Photo by NCC)

Installed wildlife-friendly fencing on Alberta's Witt property.

SaskEnergy CVs fence removal in SK (Photo by NCC)

Took down old fences to help wildlife at NCC's Edenwold property, with the help of SaskEnergy employees.

Spending a day cleaning up the beaches of Sandy Point and listening to Charlie's stories (Photo by Aiden Mahoney)

Removed more than 250 pounds of garbage from Sandy Point beach, Newfoundland & Labrador.




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