David Mazerolle, Atlantic Conservation Data Centre, Musquash NB (Photo by Karen Vanderwolf)

David Mazerolle, Atlantic Conservation Data Centre, Musquash NB (Photo by Karen Vanderwolf)

Roving Reporters report back!

Roving Reporters get to be honorary reporters for the day at a Conservation Volunteers event. They capture their day in nature with Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) biologists and fellow volunteers, and then share their findings.

And as a bonus, Roving Reporters are entered into a draw for a $25 MEC gift card!

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Read some amazing creations from our Roving Reporters 

  • Conservation Volunteers, NCC staff and Bruce Peninsula National park staff (Photo by NCC)

    The best defence is an eco-fence!

    As budding naturalists with a particular interest in reptiles and amphibians, my husband and I jumped at the chance to participate in the...
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  • Conservation Volunteers with bags of invasive common burdock. (Photo by NCC)

    The blitz of the burdock brigade

    Bill Armstrong, a Conservation Volunteer with the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC), retells his day at NCC's Fairy Hill 1 property, hacking...
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  • Conservation Volunteers at Westmeath Freshwater Cave tackling creeping Jenny (Photo by Cheryl Spotswood)

    Taking the creep out of creeping Jenny

    On July 26, 2018, 14 Conservation Volunteers journeyed to the Nature Conservancy of Canada’s Westmeath Freshwater Caves property, which is...
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  • Team hike to the planting area (Photo by Robert Britton)

    Plugs for the prairies

    Read about the Conservation Volunteers event at Hazel Bird Nature Reserve on May 31, 2018, as told by Robert Britton.
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  • Conservation Volunteers planting trees at Minesing Wetlands, ON (Photo by Robert Britton)

    The return of the swamp forest

    This is an account of a Conservation Volunteers event that the Nature Conservancy of Canada held at the Minesing Wetlands in Ontario....
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  • Sandstone Ranch, Milk River Ridge, AB (Photo by NCC)

    Strengthening the bond between people and land at Sandstone Ranch

    Doug Madill describes the bond formed with a landscape when you lend a hand for nature.
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  • Bees have a good reason to be wary of crab spiders. (Photo by Dr. Diana Bizecki Robson)

    Bees and wasps a buzzin'

    Volunteer Denise Richards writes about her relationship with bees and wasps as they buzz around her.
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