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  • Group Shot CVs in Fleming Stony Plain in Alberta (Photo by NCC)
    Building a community of nature enthusiasts

    At any given Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) Conservation Volunteers (CV) event across Canada you will see a group of volunteers eager to do their part for conservation.
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  • Twelve-spotted skimmer, dragonfly count, Minesing Wetlands, ON (Photo by NCC)
    Treasure hunting in the Minesing Wetlands

    On a warm, sunny July morning, armed with field guides, nets and plenty of sunscreen, 20 volunteers and dragonfly experts descended on the Minesing Wetlands, 12 kilometres outside of Barrie, Ontario, in search of a rare gem – the elusive and at-risk Hine’s emerald dragonfly.
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  • Turtle River Marshes Conservation Volunteers (Photo by NCC)
    Cleaning Turtle River Marshes

    NCC would like to thank the group of dedicated volunteers who joined our staff for the 2018 Turtle River Marshes Spring Clean-up.
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  • Bird watching, Sandy Point, NL (Photo by Aiden Mahoney)
    Birders come together at Torbay Gully Nature Reserve

    Volunteers enjoyed a nice day at the Torbay Gully Bird Survey and spotted numerous different bird species.
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  • Conservation Volunteers Barb Collier and Kathy Manyk are all smiles as they lay mulch mats over elderberry shrubs. (Photo by NCC)
    Where will your next volunteer adventure take you?

    The Nature Conservancy of Canada’s (NCC’s) Conservation Volunteers (CV) program provides meaningful, hands-on experience in some of our country’s most ecologically important natural areas.
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  • Anti-buckthorn squad, Aylmer, Ottawa valley (Photo by NCC)
    Anti-buckthorn volunteer squad at work in the Outaouais region

    This spring, the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) invited the public to a hands-on activity on our protected property in Gatineau’s Aylmer region to fight buckthorn, an invasive alien plant
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  • Volunteers heading off to work (Photo by NCC)
    Volunteers to help improve Fredericton’s Nature Destination

    Staff and volunteers with the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) will be pruning, cleaning up and doing trail maintenance this weekend at the Lincoln Wetland Natural Area, just outside Fredericton.
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  • Conservation Volunteers planting balsam poplar near Crabbes River, NL (Photo by Aiden Mahoney)
    Volunteers needed to help restore natural forest habitat along the Crabbes River

    Volunteers will be planting native trees at the Nature Conservancy of Canada’s Crabbes River Nature Reserve next weekend as part of an ongoing habitat restoration project.
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