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Hear from the conservationists that craft all of NCC's unique Conservation Volunteers events.

  • Volunteer picking up tires off the coast of the Percival River (Photo by Sean Landsman)
    It’s just a bit of mud: Cleaning up the Percival River watershed

    Courtney Thompson recaps NCC's very successful Percival Beach cleanup from October.
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  • Alvar Bioblitz Participants (Photo by NCC)
    Bioblitz records more than 400 species observations in Manitoba's rare and endangered alvar habitat

    The results of an unprecedented Manitoba species count have been tallied and reveal exciting news for one of the province's rarest ecosystems.
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  • Boisé Papineau, Laval (Photo by NCC)
    Canon Canada volunteers at Boisé Papineau

    Forty-six employees of Canon Canada participated in a volunteer activity at the Boisé Papineau in Laval.
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  • Volunteers pulling garlic mustard at Happy Valley Forest, ON (Photo by Miguel Hortiguela)
    Getting the garlic out of the forest

    Thanks to a new partnership with Box of Crayons, NCC is getting help ridding Happy Valley Forest of invasive garlic mustard.
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  • Vesper sparrow (Photo by Angela Waldie)
    Upcycled solutions for grassland bird conservation

    Mosaic repurposes pipe caps used in their potash operations to cap fences at Old Man on His Back Prairie and Heritage Conservation area.
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  • Volunteers walking through a corn field (Photo by NCC)
    Back to the land – with less buckthorn!

    Signing up for a mid-July conservation volunteer event was one of my best decisions this summer! I work at NCC, but indoors, and rarely get to visit our NCC properties.
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  • Canada warbler (Photo by Gerald Deboer)
    Birders at Kenauk

    On Sunday, August 13, four volunteer birders from the Ottawa Field-Naturalists’ Club joined employees of the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) to conduct a bird inventory at Kenauk (Seigneurie Papineau), located just north of Montebello, between Montreal and Ottawa.
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  • Sometimes the dragonflies are easier to find than you would think! Brittany Hope with a dragonfly, ON, Carden Alvar (Photo by NCC)
    Chasing Butterflies on the Carden Alvar

    This July, NCC staff, along with almost 50 volunteers, came out to Carden Alvar, near Orillia, Ontario, to count butterflies and dragonflies.
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