Abram-Village, PEI (Photo by John Sylvester)

Abram-Village, PEI (Photo by John Sylvester)

Monthly Gift

Merganzer and chicks (Photo by Karol Dabbs)

Merganzer and chicks (Photo by Karol Dabbs)

Become a Protector today, and help protect Canada's natural heritage every day of the year!


Your automatic monthly support through your bank account or credit card makes you a partner in Nature Conservancy of Canada's (NCC's) important land conservation work.

As a Protector, you'll join thousands of Canadians who are dedicated to conserving Canada's ecologically significant areas. Your commitment to nature will truly make a difference.

This cost-efficient and paper-free way to give ensures that your contributions make the maximum impact for threatened habitats and the wildlife that depend on them.  

Why become a Protector?

It's convenient and manageable
Since your support is regular and ongoing, you never have to worry about keeping your donations up to date. Your monthly donations are payable through your bank account, Visa or MasterCard, and you'll also get just one tax receipt a year.

It's flexible
You can increase or decrease your support, put it on hold for a few months or cancel your support at any time. You can also break down your support into small regular donations, whether it's $10, $20, $40 or more a month (it can be as little as 50 cents a day). It's entirely up to you.

It makes a difference
In 2011-2012, NCC helped to protect more than two new properties each week. Canada's critical natural habitat is being protected every day with the generous support of NCC Protectors.

But so much more must be done. Conserving Canada's natural heritage will require the protection of millions of acres of land in the coming years. We need your support for this important work. 

How will you help?

Monthly donations are one of the best ways to help because:

  • As your donations are ongoing, our processing costs are greatly reduced. This allows us to put even more of your donation towards protecting nature.

  • You'll receive one tax receipt early in the new year, for your total donations for the previous year.

  • You help provide NCC with a steady, reliable source of conservation funds. Like any well-run organization, NCC benefits from efficient, long-term planning.

Stay informed

For as long as your monthly support continues, you'll receive NCC's magazine, The Ark, three times a year. The Ark highlights NCC projects and gives you insights into the work you have supported.

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