Busenius, SK (Photo by Kyle Marquardt)

Busenius, SK (Photo by Kyle Marquardt)

Why Forests Matter

Busenius, SK (Photo by Kyle Marquardt)The Nature Conservancy of Canada's (NCC’s) Why Forests Matter speaker series is a thought-provoking evening of discussion as a panel of experts expand our views of Canada’s forests as a resource, an inspiration and a place that sustains life. 

Join us in:
Calgary, AB October 26 @ Canada Olympic Park Online ticket sales have closed. Tickets will be available at the door.
Montreal, QC November 9 @ The Palais des congrès de Montréal Get tickets
Toronto, ON November 15 @ Art Gallery of Ontario Get tickets

This year's speaker panel includes:

  • Kathy Abusow, President & CEO, Sustainable Forestry Initiative Inc.
  • Karen Clarke-Whistler, Chief Environment Officer, TD Bank Group
  • Andrew de Vries, Vice President, Conservation and Indigenous Relations, Sustainable Forestry Initiative Inc
  • Andrew Hunter, Fredrik S. Eaton Curator, Canadian Art, Art Gallery of Ontario
  • Dan Kraus, Weston Conservation Scientist, Senior Director of Conservation Program Development, NCC
  • Marie-Michèle Rousseau-Clair, Stewardship Compliance Manager, NCC
  • Suzanne W. Simard, Professor, Department of Forest and Ecology, University of British Columbia
  • Video remarks by Richard Louv, Author, Last Child in the Woods and Vitamin N

Since 2013, there have been more than 35 Why Forests Matter speakers. Visit our speaker playlist to catch up on past presentations.

Past speakers include:


Jeff Amos

Co-Owner, Amos Wood - design, millwork and furniture
Topic: Life with Forests, Trees & Wood (Sept 2014)


(Photo courtesy of Mark Anielski)

Mark Anielski

Genuine Health Inc.
Topic: Indigenomics of forest (Nov 2015)


Sylvie De Blois headshot

Sylvie de Blois

Associate Professor, Department of Plant Science and the McGill School of Environment
Topic: Forest's Uncertain Futures: Challenges for Science and Conservation (Sept 2014)


(Photo courtesy of Brian DePratto)

Brian DePratto

Economist, TD Bank Group
Topic: Value of Natural Capital (Nov 2015)


KarenC Why Forests Matter event headshot

Karen Clarke-Whistler

Chief Environment Officer, TD Bank Group
Topic: Forest Conservation - The Role of the Private Sector (Sept 2013)
Topic: Forests: Too Big to Fail (April 2014)
Topic: Healthy urban Forests: a “must-have” for Smart Cities (Sept 2014, Nov 2014)


(Photo courtesy of Lorna Crozier)

Lorna Crozier

Poet and author
Topic: The language of trees (Nov 2015)


Peter Headshot

Peter Duinker

Professor of resource and environmental studies at Dalhousie University
Topic: Trees and Forests: World’s Best Sources of Vitamin N (nature)! (Sept 2014)


Jérôme Dupras

Jérôme Dupras

Professor, Science Institute of Temperate Forests, University of Québec & President, Cowboys Fringants Foundation
Topic: Creating Green Networks (Sept 2014)


RachelG Why Forests Matter event headshot

Rachel Giese

Senior Editor, The Walrus
Moderator (Sept 2013)


Jane Gilbert, vice-president, public relations and communications (Photo by Adrian Fiebig)

Jane Gilbert

Chief Communications Officer, Nature Conservancy of Canada
Moderator (April 2014, Sept 2014, November 2014)


JP headshot

Jean Paul Gladu

President & CEO, Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business
Topic: Sustainable Forest Development through the Lens of Aboriginal People (April 2014)


CarlaG headshot Why Forests Matter event

Carla Grant

Executive Director, Ontario Forestry Association
Topic: Your Daily Connection to the Forest (Sept 2013)


Louise Gratton custom headshot

Louise Gratton

Nature Conservancy of Canada Conservation Consultant
Topic: A Forest Landscape at Scale (Sept 2014)


IanG headshot Why Forests Matter event

Ian Gray

Senior Landscape Architect, MMM Group Limited
Topic: Wicked Forests (Sept 2013)



D. Simon Jackson

Founder, Spirit Bear Youth Coalition, strategist, writer and photographer
Topic: Rooted in Forests (April 2014)


(Photo courtesy of Brian Keating)

Brian Keating

Conservationist and explorer
Topic: The societal value of forests (Nov 2015)


DanK headshot Why Forests Matter event

Dan Kraus

Weston Conservation Scientist, National Director of Conservation Program Development
Topic: The Tree that Changed the World (Sept 2013, April 2014, Sept 2014, Nov 2014)


(Photo courtesy of Curtis Lavoie)

Dr. Curtis Lavoie

Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment
Topic: Health and forests (Nov 2015)


(Photo courtesy of David Lindsay)

David Lindsay

Forest Products Association of Canada
Topic: Forestry (Nov 2015)


(Photo courtesy of Andra Lyall)

Andrea Lyall

University of British Columbia
Topic: People and forests (Nov 2015)


Léon Marineau Headshot

Léon Marineau

Vice-President, Environment, Cascades
Topic: Healthy Forest, Quality Goods (Sept 2014)


(Photo courtesy of Phil Miller)

Phil Miller

Canadian Association of Physicans for the Environment
Topic: Health and forests (Nov 2015)


Rhiannon Poupard

Rhiannon Poupard

Manager, First Nations & Forestry Partnerships, Interfor Coastal Woodlands
Topic: British Columbia's Forest Industry Today (Nov 2014)


(Photo courtesy of Marlene Power)

Marlene Power

The Child and Nature Alliance
Topic: Forests and youth education (Nov 2015)


Sophia R headshot Why Forests Matter

Sophia Rabliauskas

Spokesperson for the Pimachiowin Aki, Poplar River First Nation member
Topic: The Proposed Pimachiowin Aki World Heritage Site...the land that gives life (Sept 2013)


(Photo courtesy of Cam Rollins)

Cam Rollins

College of Alberta Professional Foresters
Topic: Forestry (Nov 2015)


Linda Rutenburg custom headshot

Linda Rutenburg

Fine Art Photographer
Topic: The Forest: Fuel for the Imagination (Sept 2014)


Suzanne Simard

Suzanne Simard

Faculty of Forestry, University of British Columbia
Topic: The Roots of Forest Wisdom (Nov 2014)


Anne Headshot

Anne Simpson

Poet and writer
Topic: The Magic of Forests (Sept 2014)


CharlesS Why Forests Matter headshot

Charles Spearin

Juno award winning Canadian musician, The Happiness Project, founding member of Broken Social Scene and Do Make Say Think
Topic: The Sounds Within a Forest and Without (April 2014)


DianaT 2 Why Forests Matter event thumbnail

Diana Thorneycroft

Canadian artist, Group of Seven Awkward Moments
Topic: Growing up in the Black Forest (Sept 2013)


(Photo courtesy of Joe Vipond)

Dr. Joe Vipond

Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment
Topic: Health and forests (Nov 2015)


Laurie Whitehead

Laurie Whitehead

Lands Manager at Heiltsuk Integrated Resource Management Department (HIRMD)
Topic: Heiltsuk forest values (Nov 2014)


Westoll headshot

Andrew Westoll

Award winning Canadian author, The Chimps of Fauna Sanctuary, journalist and lecturer
Topic: Of Monkeys and Blue Frogs: Deep inside the jungles of Suriname (April 2014)



Ken Wu

Executive Director, Ancient Forest Alliance
Topic: Old trees, new trees and future fortests (Nov 2014)



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