Our TV show: A Force for Nature

Ryan Reynolds (Photo by NCC)

Ryan Reynolds (Photo by NCC)

Ryan Reynolds and a host of other Canadian celebrities have joined forces with the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) to protect nature.

Reynolds, Jason Priestley, William Shatner, Rachel Blanchard and Denise Donlon, star in A Force for Nature — a 30-minute television journey through some of our most magnificent but threatened landscapes.

  • Ryan Reynolds profiles the grizzly bear's battle for survival in the Canadian Rockies amid an expanding web of roads and human development.
  • Jason Priestley takes viewers to Canada's most southern point, the Pelee Region of Ontario — a last oasis for many rare and threatened species.
  • William Shatner shares his love of Canada and talks about the importance of protecting a natural legacy.
  • Rachel Blanchard explores the landscape of the prairies, which are slipping into silence as the songbirds disappear.
  • Denise Donlon, the program's host, provides a clear call for urgent and important conservation work.

Watch A Force for Nature to experience the toll development is taking on natural habitat and the animals and plants that depend on these lands. Hear insight from naturalists and environmental scientists about why the work NCC does is so critical and why it's important to act now to protect what's left of our natural heritage.

Natural lands, clean air and water are vital to Canada's ecological integrity and our national identity. Conserving these areas contributes to the health and well-being of all Canadians.

Canada's natural history is disappearing, but with A Force for Nature, Canadians can learn how to save the best of what is left.

Thank you for your interest in land conservation. Together we will achieve tangible results.

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