The Nature Conservancy of Canada's first project in Alberta was the acquisition of Wagner Bog in 1970: 320 acres (130 hectares) of highly significant wetland habitat. Since then, we have completed more than 200 projects, which protect more than 234,000 acres (94,700 hectares) of this province's most ecologically significant land and water. Today, the Alberta Region continues to work with our partners to protect and steward Alberta's natural heritage.

Stories from the Field

Cattle on the Waldron Ranch (Photo by NCC)

Cattle on the Waldron Ranch (Photo by NCC)

Home on the range

Last summer, NCC’s Alberta region teamed up with a group of rangeland experts to learn the tricks of the ranching trade. Continue Reading »

Harvie property - Photo from point 12, 2016 (Photo by NCC)

Harvie property - Photo from point 12, 2016 (Photo by NCC)

After the fire

Natural disturbances in Canada’s boreal forest such as forest fire have occurred for thousands of years. Disturbance is part of the natural life cycle of the forest and most often helps the forest to renew itself and control insects and disease outbreaks. Continue Reading »

From Our Blog

Bees have a good reason to be wary of crab spiders. (Photo by Dr. Diana Bizecki Robson)

Bees and wasps a buzzin'

December 20, 2016

Through social media, I learned about the humble bumblebee’s need for drinking water. A need, no doubt, that has arisen as a result of prolonged droughts, loss of wetland habitats and loss of biodiversity. I was asked to incorporate a bee... Continue Reading »

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