Waterton Park Front, AB (Photo by Cory Turner)

Waterton Park Front, AB (Photo by Cory Turner)

Come visit us!

Visiting the Waterton Springs Interpretive Trail (Photo by Liz Saunders)

Visiting the Waterton Springs Interpretive Trail (Photo by Liz Saunders)

Visitors are welcome at many conservation areas protected by the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC). These special natural places provide excellent opportunities for hiking, birdwatching, nature photography and other compatible recreation activities.

This year, get out into nature. If you happen to be near an NCC project in Alberta, we’d love for you to arrange a visit and see the what we’re able to accomplish, thanks to the generous support of our landowner partners and donors.

Nature Destinations

Interested in visiting our featured NCC properties across Canada? Click here to access our Nature Destinations sites, which are open for public access from coast to coast.

Requesting access

Public access to NCC properties is managed on a property-by-property basis, depending on the ecological sensitivity of the property and the level of public interest.

Southern Alberta

At this time, only NCC properties in southwest Alberta are available for online reservations.

Click here to see NCC properties that are available for public access. Properties marked “book online” require written permission, as the timing and number of people accessing the property is limited. Properties marked “see property” can be accessed by the public at any time.

Central and Northern Alberta

For access to these properties, please email ab.access@natureconservancy.ca.

Access rules applicable to all NCC properties:

  • Leave gates as you found them and do not approach livestock.
  • Electronic surveillance devices (e.g., trail cameras) are prohibited.
  • No overnight camping.
  • Do not construct permanent structures (e.g., tree stands or blinds).
  • Fires and smoking are prohibited on NCC properties.
  • Be aware of fence lines and property boundaries and be sure to stay within the NCC property to avoid trespassing on neighbouring private land.
  • Do not leave your private property on our private property. We cannot guarantee it will remain where you left it.
  • Drones and UAVs are not permitted.
  • Target practice is not permitted.

NCC properties are privately owned and managed conservation land. NCC properties are not affiliated with Government of Canada or Government of Alberta crown lands.

All visitors to NCC properties do so at their own risk.

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