Bunchberry Meadows opening on Oct 28, 2017 (Photo by NCC)

Bunchberry Meadows opening on Oct 28, 2017 (Photo by NCC)

LIC & CV Exclusive: 2019 Kickoff Celebration - Edmonton

Please note that this is a private event for Leaders in Conservation (LIC) and current Conservation Volunteers. To learn more about how you can become an LIC, visit natureconservancy.ca/ab-lic.

Help us start this season off on the right foot!

Spark power: small acts and their big impacts

Join Chris Fisher as he explores stories of our unheralded difference-makers. From nature’s underdogs that punch above their ecological weight to some of our greatest conservationists, Chris will showcase how greatness often originates from a single, humble spark.

Date: April 11, 2019
Time: 6 p.m. reception | 7 p.m. presentation
Location: Old Timers' Cabin - 9430 Scona Rd NW, Edmonton, AB
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RSVP to alberta.rsvp@natureconservancy.ca or 403-515-6860 by Friday, April 5, 2019

About the speaker

Chris Fisher with penguins (Photo courtesy of Chris Fisher)

Chris Fisher with penguins (Photo courtesy of Chris Fisher)

Chris Fisher is perhaps best known as the author of a series books, including Birds of Alberta one of the most successful made-in-Alberta books in publishing history. He is regarded as one of our leading influencer for all things nature and is a frequent voice in Alberta media on wildlife and our conservation culture. Chris has written and hosted television shows and travelled to all seven continents, guiding adventure seekers in exploring wildlife and natural environments. Currently, he works as a consultant on all types of development projects to ensure that we move forward as a society without bringing harm to the values of the natural world.

Chris was raised in Lethbridge, with a love for southern Alberta. No matter where he has lived or travelled, his heart stirs where grasses dance and meadowlarks sing.

To learn more about Chris, visit chrisfisher.ca.

For more information, please contact:
Kysha Moradel-Takaguchi
1-877-231-3552 ext.7214

Supporter Spotlight

Atlantic puffins (Photo by Bill Caulfield-Browne)