Megan Jensen (Photo courtesy Megan Jensen/NCC staff)

Megan Jensen (Photo courtesy Megan Jensen/NCC staff)

Megan Jensen

NCC: What is your position at NCC?

MJ: I am the natural area manager for southeast Alberta.

NCC: What is your area of work? 

MJ: I work within NCC’s natural areas in southeast Alberta. These include the Cypress Uplands, Pakowki Lake and a portion of the Milk River Basin Natural Area.

NCC: Why did you join the NCC team?

MJ: For as long as I can remember, I have loved the outdoors. I find each time I step out onto the native prairie, into the mountains, wherever it may be, I am a happier person. NCC is a way for me to make a difference and help ensure that Canada remains a place full of biodiversity and outdoor spaces for future generations to enjoy.

NCC: When did you start with NCC?

MJ: I officially started in January 2018.

NCC: What is your previous experience?

MJ: Prior to working with NCC, I spent five years working with Alberta Conservation Association. I started as a wildlife technician working on the MULTISAR project and the Pronghorn Resource Enhancement and Monitoring Project. I eventually became a full-time staff member and was hired on as a wildlife biologist. After working with the Alberta Conservation Association, I obtained a position with the Miistakis Institute as their local project coordinator for their Pronghorn Xing project. 

NCC: What are your hobbies, when you’re not working for NCC?

MJ: When I am not working for NCC, I am normally spending time with my son and husband. I like to get out camping, birding, hiking, canoeing and doing anything that involves exploring the outdoor world. I also enjoy reading and I like to do a bit of gardening, though I really do not have a green thumb!

NCC: Do you have a favourite species?

MJ: I have so many favourite species! I love the song of the white-throated sparrow. I love all owls and seeing a swift fox makes my whole week, if not month, so they are definitely a favourite.

NCC: Describe a typical day at work.

MJ: I don’t think there is a typical day at NCC. On any day, we could be on the ground monitoring a property, meeting with a landowner for a coffee and to discuss their property, or we could be in the office typing up a report. Each day is different and each is unique in its own right. That is part of what makes this job so fun.

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