Weston Conservation Centre, AB (Photo by NCC)

Weston Conservation Centre, AB (Photo by NCC)


  • Pat Shea Smith, volunteer in the forest with loppers, 2014 CV Event (Photo by NCC)
    Pat & Errol Smith

    Pat and Errol Smith are two very dedicated volunteers who work hard to support NCC's conservation efforts. Learn more about how they support nature.
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  • Denise Harris, Clifford E. Lee Nature Sanctuary, AB (Photo by NCC)
    Denise Harris

    Denise Harris is a dedicated NCC Conservation Volunteer that actively gives her time to assist with meaningful stewardship projects across Alberta.
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  • Conservation Volunteer Janet Astle with a great horned owl, Alberta (Photo by NCC)
    Janet Astle: super volunteer!

    Janet Astle is one of the Nature Conservancy of Canada's extraordinary volunteers in Alberta.
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  • Josefine Singh, Conservation Volunteer, AB (Photo by NCC)
    Josefine Singh

    Josefine Singh is a dedicated volunteer and the 2012 Golden Glove award recipient. Josefine has donated her time across the province on a number of stewardship projects with the Conservation Volunteer Program.
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  • Wendy Calvert (Photo by NCC)
    Wendy Calvert

    Wendy Calvert has been a loyal NCC volunteer around the Edmonton area for many years. She loves being outside and has dedicated her life to doing research on topics such as Canadian wildlife and the Arctic.
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