Leaders in Conservation, Waldron and Beyond Tour 2014, AB, Photo by NCC

Leaders in Conservation, Waldron and Beyond Tour 2014, AB, Photo by NCC

2016 Exclusive property tours

Waterton Park Front, AB (Photo by Kevin Connolly)

Waterton Park Front, AB (Photo by Kevin Connolly)

Waterton Park Front Adventures - September 22-25, 2016

(These trips were full.)

Waterton and area

Mark this one in your calendars, as it will be a unique opportunity to take part in a number of different Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC)-led events coinciding with the Waterton Wildlife Weekend. There will be two tickets raffled off, to join any of the Waterton Wildlife weekend events for free (depending on event availability), for participants that RSVP by Sept. 1.

Thursday, September 22 - Ranching for the future
Time: 2 p.m.–9:30 p.m.
We will kick off the weekend by meeting at that Palmer Ranch, where we will tour the ranch with leading community ranchers and learn about the innovation they bring to the industry. This will be followed by a ranch-style BBQ, prepared by a professional chef and ending with a fireside chat in the evening. There is the option for on-site accommodation at a rustic bunkhouse (limited spots available). See below for details.

Friday, September 23 - Birdseye Ranch hike and picnic
Time: 9:15 a.m.–2:15 p.m.
A unique opportunity to hike on an NCC property that is typically closed to the public. Birdseye Ranch borders the Waterton National Park and has the prominent Birdseye Butte. We will make our way to the top of the butte. Larry Simpson will lead the tour, along with Jenel Bode, and will share conservation stories of the Waterton Park Front.

Saturday, September 24 – Bluebird stroll
Time: 9 a.m.–11:30 a.m.
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For those who are interested, join and assist with recording the usage of the bluebird boxes as well as participate in a fall clean out so the boxes may be ready for next year!

Sunday, September 25 – Enjoy the day
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For agenda and more information about the above NCC events please click here.

For activities offered by the Waterton Wildlife Weekend and to reserve your spot click here.


A male sharp-tailed grouse dancing (Photo by Rick Howie)

A male sharp-tailed grouse dancing (Photo by Rick Howie)

Sharp-tailed Grouse Lek Viewing - May 1-15, 2016

(These trips were full.)

Leaving before dawn - South of Calgary

A very rare and unique opportunity: see and hear the ritualistic breeding behaviour of sharp-tailed grouse, LIVE. You will be viewing the birds from inside a small, unheated house trailer. There are four windows in the trailer; three of them open for use with telephoto lenses. If you are a photographer, you must be willing to share.

The aim is to arrive just after dawn. You will not be able to leave until all the birds depart (about 9 a.m.), so would not be back home until after 10 a.m. About 25 birds were seen most days last year. Once you reserve your spot(s) a detailed email will be sent.

For a video sneak peek of what you might see while at the lek, courtesy of Duane Starr Photography, please click here.


Prairie crocus (Photo by Karol Dabbs)

Prairie crocus (Photo by Karol Dabbs)

Time Out for Nature - First Thursday of every month starting June 2, 2016

(These trips were full.)

6:30 p.m.-8:30 p.m. - Calgary and area

This year we are trying something new: Gus Yaki and other naturalists will be sharing their knowledge with you about the exciting natural wonders, from wildflowers to lichens to different birds, all at different natural areas in and around the city. We encourage you to invite family and friends of all ages to join you in taking time out for nature as you walk the talk with leading community naturalists, NCC board members and staff.

All participants will be notified one week before the outing as to where in the city of Calgary we will meet and all the interesting sights we may encounter while on the walk. 

Mosquito spray and binoculars are a must!

LIC member-initiated property tours: Choose your own adventure with your friends!

Do you have friends interested in becoming a Leader in Conservation? This is your opportunity to arrange a tour with a group of friends who want to learn more about NCC and the LIC program and enjoy a day-long or half-day adventure. You name the general area in Alberta, activities you would like to do and we will plan an itinerary for us all to enjoy!

Need ideas?

  • Horseback riding adventure
  • Learn the art of fly fishing
  • Wildflower hikes
  • Nature photography workshops

*Please note: there may be additional costs depending on the adventure you choose.

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