Bohomolec Ranch, Crowsnest Pass, AB (Photo by NCC)

Bohomolec Ranch, Crowsnest Pass, AB (Photo by NCC)


The Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) purchased the 263-acre (106-hectare) Lusicich property in 2012. It is eight kilometres west of Coleman along the north shore of Crowsnest Lake and is adjacent to the Crowsnest Lake Property. The property is located in the montane sub-region of the Rocky Mountain natural region and consists of a mixture of primarily Douglas-fir forest habitat, with lesser amounts of mixed wood and deciduous forest, montane grassland, tame pasture and rocky outcrop habitats. Phillips Pass and Deadman’s Pass, immediately west of the Lusicich property, are key east-west movement corridors for ungulates (hoofed mammals) and carnivores such as grizzly bear, black bear, cougar and wolf.

Legal land description: SW 16-8-5 W5M; portion of NW 9-8-5 W4M; portion of NE 9-8-5 W4M

Access directions

Public access to this property is limited. There is NO PUBLIC ACCESS VIA 25th STREET FROM THE SOUTH.

There is a road into the west side of the property from BC, although the condition of this road is unknown and is likely only suitable for ATVs or 4x4 vehicles (drive along HWY 3 west into BC. After passing Crowsnest Provincial Park, turn into a parking lot on the north side of the road. On the north side of the parking lot, a trail goes north. Follow this trail until you reach the west boundary of the Lusicich property).

Also, there is a public road allowance between SE 16-8-5-W5 & SW 15-8-5-W5. From Tecumseh Road, turn south onto Tecumseh Drive. Park at the south end of Tecumseh Drive and walk south approximately 800 metres along the undeveloped road allowance until you reach the northeast corner of NE 9. On either side of this road allowance is privately owned land.

Permitted activities

Written permission from NCC is required to hunt on this property.

Written permission can be obtained by booking time on the property at

Other recreational access is permitted: foot access only, day use only, no open fires.

(Disclaimer: All visitors to NCC properties do so at their own risk.)

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