Red Deer River, AB (Photo by Karol Dabbs)

Red Deer River, AB (Photo by Karol Dabbs)

Stories From the Field

  • Zoë Arnold, Alberta Conservation Volunteers assistant, carries a bucket of harvested willow. (Photo by Kyle Meller)
    What do NCC staff do during the winter?

    Summer is a busy time of year for the Nature Conservancy of Canada’s (NCC’s) conservation and field staff. But what happens during the winter months when the frigid Albertan weather drives everyone indoors for months on end?
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  • Visiting the Waterton Springs Interpretive Trail (Photo by Liz Saunders)
    History with a twist

    Recently, the Twin Butte community hall hosted the Waterton Park Front’s 11th annual community gathering, titled The History of Ranching in Alberta.
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  • Kailey Setter, CV event, AB (Photo by NCC)
    Kailey Setter celebrates 5 years with NCC

    If you’ve ever attended one of the Nature Conservancy of Canada’s (NCC’s) Conservation Volunteers events in Alberta, chances are you’ve met Kailey Setter, whose job combines conservation, communication, stewardship, planning and science.
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  • View of the Bow River from Big Hill Springs Provincial Park, AB (Photo by NCC)
    SAIT students create map of Bow River Watershed

    In 2015, BGIS (Bachelor of Applied Technology in Geographical Information Systems) students Suzanne Marechal and Melanie Wagar spent their summer creating a map designed to help target areas of conservation suitability in the Bow River Watershed.
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  • Cows at Palmer Ranch, Waterton, AB. (Photo by Julia Palmer)
    Winter Grazing in Waterton

    In the Waterton Park Front, the blustery wind that sweeps tourists out of town and keeps local businesses closed during the long winter months also keeps the snow from accumulating on the rolling pastures, giving local ranchers the opportunity to graze their cattle year-round.
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  • Porcupine at Sandstone Ranch, AB (Photo by Ken Orich)
    Sandstone's porcupines causing a commotion

    On NCC's Sandstone Ranch, porcupines are leaving the spruce trees so barren that the trees are dying.
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