Coyote Lake, UNSRB, AB (Photo by NCC)

Coyote Lake, UNSRB, AB (Photo by NCC)

Stories From the Field

  • Houseplant (Photo by Taylor Burnes)
    The power of houseplants

    I’ve always loved plants. I like the colours and the smells, and I love the feeling I get when I’m surrounded by them both inside and outside the house. It turns out I’m not the only one. There are many positive effects that plants have on our mental and physical health.
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  • Participants at Youth Range Days (Photo by River Run Photography)
    Teaching the next generation of Alberta ranchers

    The Southern Alberta Youth Range Days (YRDs) program teaches youth about southern Alberta’s native working agricultural grasslands, and aims to inspire the next generation of ranchers to promote sustainable stewardship on these lands.
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  • Roger Thomson (Photo by Leta Pezderic)
    Keeping ranching in the family

    Roger is a fifth-generation rancher who manages the Sandstone Ranch Grazing Co-op, as well as the Ross Lake Community Pasture that neighbours the Sandstone Ranch. On top of that, Roger also owns Rangeview Ranch.
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  • Jackie Bastianon (Courtesy of Jackie Bastianon)
    The power of community engagement

    During my summer at NCC, I was able to spend a few days a month outside of the office. Some of this time was spent at Conservation Volunteers (CV) events, but most days were spent at community events.
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  • Wendy Schilling at Wagner Natural Area (Photo by NCC)
    Wendy Shilling wins 2018 Golden Glove Award

    In 2018, 75 per cent of NCC’s volunteers attended two or more events, but this year’s winner of the highly coveted Golden Glove was Wendy Shilling!
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  • Volunteer with tree at Christmas trees for conservation CV event (Photo by NCC)
    Christmas trees for conservation

    December 7 was a chilly winter day, but the holiday spirit was in the air when 14 Conservation Volunteers gathered at the Haynes property to cut down some Christmas trees.
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