Red Deer River, AB (Photo by Karol Dabbs)

Red Deer River, AB (Photo by Karol Dabbs)

Stories From the Field

  • Boholomec Ranch (Photo by Bob Lee)
    Celebrate Earth Day with NCC

    Friday, April 22 is Earth Day. This year, join NCC and several local retailers in supporting conservation across Alberta!
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  • Mountain bluebird (Photo by Leta Pezderic/NCC)
    The bluebirds return!

    Of all the signs of spring, the return of the birds is by far my favourite. Whether it is hearing the first sweet song of the meadow lark from my fence post or the sounds of the tundra swans as they fly overhead or even the more traditional, first sighting of an American robin, they all bring such joy!
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  • Gambling Lake, Cooking Lake Moraine, AB (Photo by NCC)
    NCC celebrates the Beaver Hills Biosphere

    The Nature Conservancy of Canada congratulates the Beaver Hills Initiative on becoming Alberta’s newest biosphere!
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  • Willows-for-Watershed-volunteers-thumb
    My first project with the Nature Conservancy of Canada

    All of us volunteers who attended the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) event back in the fall of 2015 had their own reasons for attending – but no matter the reasons, the common thread that brought us together was the desire to help the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) with a great cause, to have fun and to enjoy our awesome autumn weather.
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  • Zoë Arnold, Alberta Conservation Volunteers Assistant, works with a volunteer to plant willow at Waldron Ranch (Photo by Kyle Meller)
    Stewardship 411

    We caught up with NCC’s Manager of Stewardship, Bryanne Aylward, who is responsible for overseeing the ongoing management of conservation sites in Alberta, to find out what staff are doing on the ground and give you the 411 on NCC’s stewardship work.
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  • Zoë Arnold, Alberta Conservation Volunteers assistant, carries a bucket of harvested willow. (Photo by Kyle Meller)
    What do NCC staff do during the winter?

    Summer is a busy time of year for the Nature Conservancy of Canada’s (NCC’s) conservation and field staff. But what happens during the winter months when the frigid Albertan weather drives everyone indoors for months on end?
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