See how Atlantic Canadians like you are helping

Paula Noel's Nature Story

"As a child, Paula remembers playing on the same beaches outside Saint John that she has been helping to protect. Now, the Musquash Estuary Reserve is NCC's largest protected natural area in Atlantic Canada.

Allan Shaw's Nature Story

"This is about providing an experience for people, forever" says Allan Shaw of the opportunity to protect rare habitat in Halifax.

Brian Tobin's Nature Story

Brian has fond memories of disappearing into nature with his dog. It's important to him to preserve experiences, like his, for future generations.

John Risley's Nature Story

John believes that nature is what makes canada special. Ensuring that our most important natural spaces are conserved is good business.

Rob Crosbie's Nature Story

The outdoors has always been important for Rob's family. He believes it's important that as the country becomes more urbanized for people to get out in nature.


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Frank McKenna's Nature Story

Former Canadian Ambassador to the USA talks about his family's commitment to the Nature Conservancy of Canada.

Joey Cassie's Nature Story

Acadian Joey Cassie donates special coastal land that he inherited from his father to protect it forever. Watch Joey and his granddaughter as they discover nature together.

Craig Smith's Nature Story

A professional conservationist, Craig and his young family are committed to preserving Canada's special natural places in perpetuity – for all generations to come. Says Craig "It's true, nature defines us."

Tim Banks' Nature Story

Tim's grandparents taught him to love nature. It is important to him that Nature Conservancy of Canada stretches every dollar to protect important natural areas.

John & Bonnie's Nature Story

Visiting wild areas make John & Bonnie feel more connected to themselves. Since 1990, they have been helping Nature Conservancy of Canada to leave a natural legacy in their community.

Faith Flemming's Nature Story

Faith is helping protect land that she loves. She is a member of the 'Leaders in Conservation' program with Nature Conservancy of Canada.

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