Dale Lehmann at the property he dontated for conservation (Photo by NCC)

A Tour of Lehmann Springs

May 19, 2017
Meadowlark Nature Festival
Near Bridesville, BC

Join Barb Pryce and Michelle Dano from Nature Conservancy of Canada, along with birders Andrew and Gail Harcombe, for a look at the Lehman Springs Conservation Area near Bridesville. View a spectacular stand of old-growth western larches over 600 years old and other wildlife, including the Williamson’s sapsucker, red-tailed hawks and flickers, living within the Ponderosa pine, spruce and Douglas-fir forest. Natural springs bubble up from the earth feeding into Nine Mile Creek, providing precious water for wildlife and fascination for visitors. This tour is brought to you in partnership with the Nature Conservancy of Canada.

This tour is part of the Meadowlark Nature Festival. Visit the festival website for more information and to register for events.

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