Michael Proctor is a renowned grizzly bear expert.

Michael Proctor

Grizzly bear biologist

Trans-border Grizzly Bear Project

Michael Proctor has come face to face with more grizzly bears that he can remember, and he always lives to tell the tale. Recognized as one of today’s leading international researchers on grizzly bears, Michael has been working to conserve threatened populations of grizzlies by creating an in-depth understanding of grizzly bear ecology and the conservation issues they face.

From his base in Kaslo, BC, Michael has been researching grizzly bear ecology and conservation since 1995. He is the lead Canadian researcher for the Trans-border Grizzly Bear Project, and has published numerous scientific studies on the habits, needs and threats to grizzly bear populations. He has been researching grizzlies at the Darkwoods Conservation Area since 2007.

Michael is a scientific adviser for the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Bear Specialist Group, and works around the world on bear issues.

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