Pine Butte Ranch

Pine Butte Ranch

Katie Blake, Manager, Conservation Programs (Photo by Ian Clayton)

Katie Blake, Manager, Conservation Programs (Photo by Ian Clayton)

Katie Blake

What is your position at the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC)?

Manager, Conservation Programs and Acting Manager, Regional Policy Support

Where do you work?


How did you come to join the NCC team?  

I started volunteering in 2001, then was hired on later that year.

What is your educational background and previous experience?

BA in environmental studies from Mount Holyoke College. Previous experience doing environmental research, outdoor adventure groups and trail development.

What are you hoping to achieve through your work at NCC?

I take inspiration from this quote: "If it should turn out that we have mishandled our own lives as several civilizations before us have done, it seems a pity that we should involve the violet and the tree frog in our departure." ~ Loren Eiseley

Describe a typical day at work...

I draft and review contracts — purchase agreements, covenants, contribution agreements, land use licenses, etc. I liaise with my colleagues at NCC to help ensure that our land securement process runs smoothly. I interact with partners to help coordinate our conservation activities with those of others. I advise management on the implications of policy issues that arise from time to time.

What are your hobbies/interests outside work?

Cooking, gardening, hiking, having fun with my border collie, cheering for the Seahawks, exploring and enjoying the beauty and culture of BC!

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