Jemma Green, Conservation Volunteer (Photo by Reanna Shelling)

Jemma Green, Conservation Volunteer (Photo by Reanna Shelling)

Jemma Green

Jemma joined the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) team as a volunteer in 2013, coming to most of our volunteer events, monitoring conservation covenants and inputting baseline inventory reports. While volunteering with NCC, Jemma became passionate about the Bring Back the Bluebirds Project, a collaborative venture between NCC, the Garry Oak Ecosystems Recovery Team (GOERT) and others to reinstate a breeding population of western bluebirds to the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island. Jemma's volunteer work with NCC enabled her to successfully apply for a position with GOERT to work full-time as a western bluebird technician in the Cowichan Valley. She now coordinates the project and is busy planning for the next breeding season.

"There are so many reasons why I volunteer with NCC. I think Canadians have a unique opportunity to conserve our vast, untouched areas of wildlife habitat before they are lost or changed irrevocably," says Jemma. "We also have a responsibility to restore habitat wherever possible, so that native plants and animals can thrive alongside people. I am constantly impressed by NCC's approach to conservation at all scales and I feel very fortunate to be a part of NCC's efforts to conserve and restore rare and threatened ecosystems in BC."

Jemma continues to volunteer for NCC as a volunteer expert at our Conservation Volunteers western bluebird reintroduction events.

"Bringing back the western bluebird to the Cowichan Valley is more than about restoring biodiversity and helping an extirpated species recover," says Jemma. "For many, this charismatic bird can be a stepping stone towards caring about and participating in broader conservation initiatives. An interest in this one beautiful vulnerable species can lead you down a path of caring about other birds and their habitat needs, and eventually about entire ecosystems. I always enjoy helping someone spot their first bluebird!"

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