Help us reach ONE MILLION acres in British Columbia by Earth Day 2020 (Graphic by NCC)

Help us reach ONE MILLION acres in British Columbia by Earth Day 2020 (Graphic by NCC)

Help us reach ONE MILLION acres in British Columbia
by Earth Day 2020

Help us reach ONE MILLION acres in British Columbia by Earth Day 2020.

Since 1974, the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) in BC has been conserving critical habitats, creating migratory corridors for wide-ranging species and restoring damaged ecosystems. To date, with the investment of thousands of British Columbians, NCC has helped protect more than 980,000 acres of lands and waterways in BC by successfully undertaking 170 conservation projects.

These projects range in size from the less-than-one-acre Grace Islet off Salt Spring Island to the 136,000-acre Darkwoods Conservation Area that stretches between Creston and Nelson in the South Selkirk Mountains.

With 20,000 acres to conserve by Earth Day 2020 in order to meet our NCC British Columbia milepost, we recognize we need to achieve conservation more quickly than before. This is why, during our Landmark Campaign, NCC is investing more than $75 million into the future of conservation activities in British Columbia. We can’t do this without you — and why would we even try?   

For more than four decades, British Columbians and BC businesses, foundations and organizations have made the choice to work through NCC to leverage their investments in the protection of BC’s remarkable habitats, landscapes and seascapes. NCC exists to multiply your conservation dollar to have the largest conservation impact possible. Please make your next investment today.

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Did you know that it costs NCC an average of $5,000 per acre in BC to acquire private lands for permanent conservation? To achieve the next 20,000 acres, will require that we secure around $10 million in the next few years. Every dollar helps, and every acre conserved gets us closer to the million-acre mark.

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 What you can do to help:

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Help us reach our goal.
Make a contribution to this campaign online now.


Start a personal campaign
and pledge to raise enough money to save 1 acre (or any number of acres) every year for the next four years.

For example:
1 acre per year @ $5,000
x 4 years before Earth Day 2020
= 4 acres and $20,000 to fundraise

Involve your family, neighbours, workmates or school. YOU decide what YOUR impact will be before Earth Day 2020.

Help create results you can walk on. Make a pledge and start fundraising with the Nature Conservancy of Canada today!

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For more information on the One Million for BC initiative and how you can help, please contact us at or reach us by phone:

In Vancouver: 604-331-0723
In Victoria: 250-479-3191
Toll-free 1-888-404-8428

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