Poet Place, Klinaklini Valley, BC (Photo by NCC)

Poet Place, Klinaklini Valley, BC (Photo by NCC)

Poet Place protected

July 30, 2014


Old homestead in the remote Klinaklini Valley will be conserved for nature

The Nature Conservancy of Canada is pleased to announce the conservation of Poet Place, a 470-acre (190-hectare) property in BC's West Chilcotin region. Poet Place is one of only three private land holdings in the upper Klinaklini Valley – a pristine 34-kilometre stretch of one of this province's wildest rivers.

With the acquisition of Poet Place, the Nature Conservancy of Canada has now protected two of the three private parcels along this stretch of the river, a big step towards completely securing this intact wilderness area from development and safeguarding the wild nature of the valley.

Notable wildlife in this area includes grizzly bear, wolf, mule deer and bull trout, as well as giant old-growth aspen and cottonwood trees. The valley is also home to cougars, trumpeter swans, wolverines, otters and many other fur-bearing animals.

Bookended by two waterfalls, Poet Place is traversed by the winding path of the Klinaklini River. The extensive wetlands found on the conservation area are used by beaver, moose, muskrat and many other birds and mammals.

A small agricultural field and the remnants of an old homestead pay tribute to past attempts to eke out a living on the wild property. But nature is quickly reclaiming this land. Aside from occasional visits by NCC staff, the property will be left largely to the wildlife that flourish here.

This project was funded by the Estate of Duncan Donald McGeachy.


“Conserving the few private holdings in the Klinaklini Valley is an exciting opportunity for the Nature Conservancy of Canada because it allows us to protect a vast wilderness area by the strategic purchase of just a few properties,” says Tom Swann, Associate Regional Vice President and Director of Securement, Nature Conservancy of Canada. “This project is a perfect example of leveraging conservation across a large landscape.”

“Donald was ahead of his time in recognizing that we Canadians need to be conservationists,” says the McGeachy Family. “During his life and upon his death, he gave generously to protect and preserve special properties in Canada.”


  • Spanning almost 1.5 million acres (600,000 hectares), the Klinaklini Valley is widely recognized as an important biodiversity corridor providing wildlife movement from the Chilcotin Plateau through the Coast Range to Knight Inlet.
  • While some of the lower portion of the watershed has been logged there remains a vast intact wilderness devoid of any industrial activity.
  • The lack of human impacts and lack of access coupled with already significant protection make the Klinaklini Valley a valuable refuge for a wide array of flora and fauna.
  • The upper Klinaklini currently has no level of protection and is therefore vulnerable to development.
  • The Nature Conservancy of Canada has also protected Dalton's Hideaway, a 160-acre (65-hectare) parcel located downriver from Poet Place.


Video and images available for download via Dropbox >


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