Bighorn sheep, BC (Photo by Ryan Hagerty)

Bighorn sheep, BC (Photo by Ryan Hagerty)

Stable future secured for 26 high-value conservation properties formerly owned by The Land Conservancy

September 30, 2015


The Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) is pleased to confirm it has acquired 26 ecologically significant conservation areas from The Land Conservancy of British Columbia (TLC). This transfer of lands is part of the TLC's plan to sell many of its properties in order to deal with its debt.

These high-priority conservation properties contain some of the most significant habitats for biodiversity in BC, including species at risk and vulnerable rare ecosystems. Spanning forest, wetland and grasslands, these lands provide habitat for migratory birds, grizzly bears, salmon and many other native wildlife.

Today's transfer of title to NCC marks a significant step in securing a conservation future for these properties.

For more than a year, NCC has worked with The Nature Trust of BC, TLC and others to find a way to ensure the conservation status of TLC's high-priority conservation lands and provide for their long-term stewardship.

Some of the 26 properties will be transferred to The Nature Trust; final details about subsequent transfers are still being worked out.

The properties are located all across the province, with many on southern Vancouver Island. (See full list of properties.)


“The Nature Conservancy of Canada was extremely motivated to ensure these important properties remain protected, and to uphold the expectations of the donors who had originally contributed to their conservation. We are committed to providing for the long-term stewardship of all our conservation properties, and we are honoured to assume responsibility for these special places,” said Nancy Newhouse, acting regional vice president for the BC Region, Nature Conservancy of Canada.

“The Nature Trust of BC is pleased to be working with TLC and NCC on conserving TLC's ecologically significant properties,” said CEO Jasper Lament. “Through this partnership The Nature Trust will be taking responsibility for some very special places from Vancouver Island to the Rocky Mountains. We are committed to ensuring the lands transferred to us will be conserved for future generations.” 

“The transfer of properties to NCC and TNTBC is the culmination of months of diligent work to see TLC's ecologically sensitive properties protected through appropriate new ownership while raising funds needed to repay creditors,” said Briony Penn, TLC Board Chair. “Essential to TLC's successful restructuring has been our partnerships with other land trusts and societies. We wish to thank NCC's and TNTBC's directors, staff and volunteers for being a part of the solution.”

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