Gullchucks Estuary, BC

Gullchucks Estuary, BC

Stories From the Field

  • David Chase and Al Carder (Photos by NCC)
    The 104 Club

    The BC Region loses its 2 oldest supporters with the passing of Al Carder and David Chase, both at 104 years of age.
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  • Conservation Volunteers jumping for joy at fall CV event, BC (Photo by NCC)
    Hundreds of hands help at-risk ecosystems

    Conservation Volunteers came out in record numbers in 2014 in British Columbia
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  • Arrow-leaved balsamroot on Lac du Bois Conservation Area (Photo by NCC)
    Looking back on a great year!

    2014 marks our 40th year of working in British Columbia to protect this province's incredible natural heritage. Here we share some of the great successes of the past year, and give a hint of what's to come in 2015.
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  • Nature Talks: Coastal Connections
    A special event in Victoria

    An evening of music and short talks exploring the wonder an nature of the Pacific coast.
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  • Bob Redgate, Linda Hannah, Nathalie Pratt and John Lounds at the NCC National Board Meeting, October 2014 (Photo by Barry Coulter)
    A meeting of minds in Cranbrook

    In October, NCC’s National Board of Directors gathered in Cranbrook to chart a strong course forward in the organization’s efforts to protect habitat for at least a quarter of Canada’s species at risk.
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  • Nature walk on the Kumdis Conservation Area, Haida Gwaii (Photo by NCC)
    A day of discovery on Haida Gwaii

    A group of local youngsters from Haida Gwaii spend a day exploring their local flora and fauna, and are graced with a visit from three rare sandhill cranes.
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