Gullchucks Estuary, BC

Gullchucks Estuary, BC

Stories From the Field

  • Canoeing at the Daphne Ogilvie Nature Sanctuary, BC (Photo by Bernadette Mertens-McAllister)
    World Wetlands Day

    World Wetlands Day is a time to remember that the conservation and restoration of wetlands in British Columbia must be a top priority, especially in the face of a changing climate.
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  • Grace Islet (Photo by Phil Vernon)
    A graceful resolution

    NCC joins forces with the BC Government and First Nations to protect Grace Islet
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  • David Chase and Al Carder (Photos by NCC)
    The 104 Club

    The BC Region loses its 2 oldest supporters with the passing of Al Carder and David Chase, both at 104 years of age.
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  • Nature walk on the Kumdis Conservation Area, Haida Gwaii (Photo by NCC)
    A day of discovery on Haida Gwaii

    A group of local youngsters from Haida Gwaii spend a day exploring their local flora and fauna, and are graced with a visit from three rare sandhill cranes.
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  • Julia Daly, BC Conservation Intern, 2014 (Photo by NCC)
    A week in Wuikinuxv

    Follow conservation intern Julia Daly's adventures in remote Rivers Inlet, on BC's central coast.
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  • Napier Lake Ranch (Photo by Tim Ennis / NCC)
    The story of Napier Lake Ranch

    Shortly after Agnes and Roy Jackson purchased the century-old Napier Lake Ranch in 1974, a neighbour said to them: “Always leave the land in better shape than when you found it.” It was a piece of advice they have worked to follow for 40 years.
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Atlantic puffins (Photo by Bill Caulfield-Browne)