Gullchucks Estuary, BC

Gullchucks Estuary, BC

Stories From the Field

  • Hikers at Darkwoods, BC (Photo by NCC)
    The best summer job in the world!

    A dynamic crew of conservation interns have joined NCC's BC Region for the summer to get their hands dirty out in the field, and put their hard-earned book learning to the test!
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  • A wolverine is caught on a remote camera (Photo courtesy Seepanee Ecological Consulting)
    On the tracks of a real-life X-Man

    What do we really know about wolverines? Not a lot, but biologist Doris Hausleitner is working hard to change that.
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  • Water sampling at Quamichan wetlands
    A conservation gathering at BC's Quamichan wetlands

    Conservation Volunteers gather to restore important wetlands
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  • Preparing the canoe to go to Swishwash Island, BC (Photo by NCC)
    Giving nature a facelift

    Environmentally degraded lands around British Columbia may be offered a new lease on life thanks to a new partnership between the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) and NEXT Environmental Inc.
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  • University of Victoria student Megan Adams monitoring hair snags near Wuikinuxv Village, BC (Photo by ACS lab)
    Wild connections

    NCC is part of a multi-year, multi-partner research study to better understand the behaviour and land use needs of BC's west coast grizzly bears.
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  • Queen Victoria Mine gating team (Photo by Steve Blackmore)
    Securing the bat cave

    Abandoned mines are a favourite hang out for bats, but sometimes they need a little help in securing their dark, dank lair...
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