A grassland in the Riding Mountain Natural Area (Photo by NCC)

A grassland in the Riding Mountain Natural Area (Photo by NCC)

Open Farm Day at Tamarack Farms

The Naure Conservancy of Canada (NCC) is excited to participate in Open Farm Day once again this year! Join NCC staff at Tamarack Farms to learn about how NCC works with local producers to conserve and manage native grasslands in Manitoba.

About Open Farm Day

Open Farm Day is held in Manitoba the third Sunday of September. Farmers and others in the industry open up their farms/venues for the public to meet a farmer, as well as others who work in agriculture and agri-tourism. You may ask questions, take a tour, try some food, participate in various activities, learn more about Manitoba farm operations, how and why our food is grown and produced, environmental stewardship and agriculture's history.

Driving directions to Tamarack Farms from Erickson

  1. Drive on Hwy 10 to Hwy 357 and turn east.
  2. Drive 9.5 kilometres to RD 100 W and turn left (north).
  3. Drive 3.2 kilometres north to junction RD 100 W and Kerr Lake Rd and turn right (east).
  4. Drive 400 to 500 metres and the Tamarack Farms sign witll be on the south side.

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