Beaver Creek, Fort Ellice, MB (Photo by Karol Dabbs)

Beaver Creek, Fort Ellice, MB (Photo by Karol Dabbs)

Stories From the Field

  • Smooth Greensnake, Fort Ellice, Manitoba (Photo by NCC)
    Invasive Species, fences and reptile hunting

    On July 19, 2014, NCC staff and volunteers cheerfully braved the hot sun and pesky flies to battle invasive species, fix fences and hunt for reptiles on NCC Manitoba's Yellow Quill Mixed Grass Prairie Preserve.
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  • Cary Hamel
    Cary Hamel appointed to advisory committee by Government of Manitoba

    The Manitoba Region is proud to announce that Cary Hamel, Manitoba's Conservation Science Manager has been appointed to the Manitoba Endangered Species and Ecosystem Advisory Committee by the Government of Manitoba.
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  • Whitemouth River Watershed Natural Area, MB (Photo by Mike Dembeck)
    Manitoba: More than prairies

    Manitoba is home to many diverse ecosystems, including immense lakes and forests such as the boreal.
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  • The Weston Family Tallgrass Prairie Interpretive Centre
    Interpretive centre celebrates one-year anniversary

    On August 16 the Weston Family Tall Grass Prairie Interpretive centre held an Open House to celebrate its one-year anniversary.
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  • Prairie grassland, Manitoba (Photo by NCC)
    NCC: A valuable member of your community

    NCC's Manitoba Region supports land conservation that benefits the thousands of species of plants and animals in our natural areas, but we also greatly benefit the people and surrounding communities.
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  • Spinystar (Photo by NCC)
    Worthless land is priceless

    Bill Stillwell spotlights the unique landscape in the Oak Lake Sandhills and Wetlands Natural Area and the effort of the Drinkwalters to conserve the area.
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