Beaver Creek, Fort Ellice, MB (Photo by Karol Dabbs)

Beaver Creek, Fort Ellice, MB (Photo by Karol Dabbs)

Stories From the Field

  • Northern Rough-winged Swallow (Photo by Stuart Clarke)
    Keeping an eye on habitat

    Bill Stillwell writes about the Flynn family in the Makinak Area, who shares similar conservation values with NCC. For years, the Flynn family has shown great interest in protecting natural habitat.
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  • Big bluestem, Tall Grass Prairie, Manitoba (Photo by NCC)
    Centre teaches wonders of tall grass prairie

    The Weston Family Tall Grass Prairie Interpretive Centre was highlighted in this full-page spread.
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  • Gallardia (Photo by NCC)
    This is why we do it

    Thanks to Minto School, it was reinforced to us that the next generation understands the importance of our work. In the words of our Director of Conservation, Kevin Teneycke, "This is why we do it."
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  • Gene Fortney receives thanks and well wishes from Manitoba RVP, Jeff Polakoff and VP Conservation, Michael Bradstreet (Photo by NCC)
    Au revoir, Gene!

    As Manitoba prepares to open the Weston Tall Grass Prairie Interpretive Centre, we say farewell to Gene Fortney, after 22 years of commitment to NCC, Manitoba.
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  • Les Jeunes Ecocivistes, College Churchill 2013-14 (Photo by Les Jeunes Ecocivistes)
    Youth volunteerism & philanthropy

    Students from two Winnipeg High Schools have volunteered several hundred hours to raise awareness of the need for protection and conservation of our environment.
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  • Wild boar, SK (Photo by Ryan Brook)
    Wild boar in Manitoba

    Wild boar, an introduced species to North America, has become an increasing problem in natural habitats and croplands across the prairies.
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