Beaver Creek, Fort Ellice, MB (Photo by Karol Dabbs)

Beaver Creek, Fort Ellice, MB (Photo by Karol Dabbs)

Stories From the Field

  • Qualico Communities, Winnipeg
    A valuable new partnership for the protection of lands in Manitoba

    The Nature Conservancy of Canada's Manitoba Region and Qualico Communities, Winnipeg have launched a new partnership, established to help protect Manitoba’s natural landscapes.
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  • A bit of prairie history by (Photo by NCC)
    Close Encounters: A personal story from the field

    Summers spent working for NCC are always very exciting and busy. There are plenty of once-in-a-lifetime experiences that you will remember forever. Last year, I wrote about tracking a Canada lynx - something that still makes me excited when I think about it. This year, I have decided to write about a life-changing experience of a different kind.
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  • Watching a Coyote searching for dinner (Photo by NCC)
    Close Encounters: Hop, hop, hop goes the...Coyote?

    Most of my encounters with coyotes have been from a distance, usually in a vehicle, but this year I got up close and personal with them...three times!
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  • Releasing butterflies at the opening of the Interpretive Centre (Photo by NCC)
    Close Encounters: A hard day at the office

    Work doesn’t get much better than spending an afternoon frolicking in the tall grass prairie in search of butterflies.
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  • Jackolantern carving (Photo by NCC)
    Giving thanks

    In the spirit of Thanksgiving, NCC's Manitoba Region hosted a Giving Thanks Event on October 20, 2013. The event invited Manitoba supporters to an afternoon of outdoor activities at Arnason's Icelandic Horse Farm.
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  • Grazed paddock on left, Marjerison property, MB (Photo by NCC)
    A flash mob of the bovine kind

    Flash mobs may not be as popular as in their hey-day of a few years ago, but recently some of the most unlikely flash mobbers traveled to a Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) property in Manitoba for a flash mob of a different kind – an activity called “mob grazing,” thanks to a herd of 220 cattle.
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