Johnson's Mills sunset, NB (Photo by Bill Pratt)

Johnson's Mills sunset, NB (Photo by Bill Pratt)

Frank McKenna an ambassador for conservation in NCC's new media campaign

February 27, 2017
Fredericton, New Brunswick


Former premier of New Brunswick and Canadian ambassador to the United States, the Honourable Frank McKenna is an ambassador for conservation in a new media campaign. In a videotaped message, McKenna recalls the joys of a childhood spent outdoors and invites New Brunswickers to help conserve the province’s rivers and forests for future generations by supporting the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC).

“Nature defines us . . . and we all have an obligation to preserve it for our children and grandchildren,” says McKenna in the video, adding “What I like about the Nature Conservancy of Canada is they took that important responsibility on.” 

An abbreviated version of McKenna’s message will air in 30-second public service announcements in New Brunswick over the next several months. McKenna’s full three-minute video story is available online at

As McKenna explains in the video, he first became aware of NCC in the 1980s while premier of New Brunswick. In 2015, he contributed $100,000 to NCC to help conserve 2,100 acres (850 hectares) and eight salmon pools along the Bartholomew River, a key tributary of the Miramichi River. McKenna made the gift in honour of his friend, the late Robert Kenny, a prominent lawyer, philanthropist and long-time salmon conservation advocate. 

Currently deputy chair of the TD Bank Group, McKenna donated his time for the Nature Conservancy of Canada’s 2017 campaign. 

“We are very grateful to Frank McKenna for supporting the Nature Conservancy of Canada as a donor and in this video message,” said John Foley, NCC Atlantic Regional vice-president. “He was a strong leader for New Brunswick and remains a great ambassador for our region, and by telling his “nature story” he’s a great ambassador for conservation.”

NCC’s “Nature Stories” highlight the personal stories of NCC’s donors, their connection to nature and the reasons they support conservation. The public service announcements are appearing in the media through the generosity of donors who want to raise awareness of NCC’s success in protecting ecologically significant landscapes and wildlife habitats.

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The Nature Conservancy of Canada is the nation's leading land conservation organization, working to protect our most important natural areas and the species they sustain. Since 1962, NCC and its partners have helped to protect 2.8 million acres (more than 1.1 million hectares), coast to coast. The Nature Conservancy of Canada has conserved more than 71,000 acres (more than 28,700 hectares) in Atlantic Canada.

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